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And The Hits Just Keep on Coming for Trudeau and His Liberal Marching Band

Even if Hillary is not running for President, she still thinks she can run the show and many people, who clearly are not thinking straight, are allowing her to believe that.

In early February of this year, she met with Joe Biden and presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar who both obviously value her opinion. Doesn’t bode well for them, that’s for sure.

Even though Hillary got 65 million votes in 2016, her tactics were completely wrong. Not going to places like Wisconsin and surrounding herself with people who didn’t know what they were doing cost her the election. She had great disdain for the ‘deplorables’ aka little people and Robbie Mook, her campaign manager, relied solely on statistics to win the election, which was obviously the wrong move. Why would anyone seek out her advice unless…they are afraid of her. Blanche, don’t start with all the people around the Clintons who are now dead.

Hillary Clinton is the wicked witch of the west and you don’t want to be on her bad side. By ‘seeking her advice’ both Biden and Klobuchar endeared themselves to her or, in other words, kissed the ring.

If the Liberals were smart, they would let Jody Wilson Raybould speak, get it over with and the chips fall where they may. If they don’t let her speak it looks like they are hiding something, which Blanche, they are.

In the end, she’s going to talk but right now the Liberals are doing whatever they can to stifle her. It’s not working in terms of getting rid of whatever scandal or scandals they are trying to hide.

While she may not be talking, her presence is inflammatory and just keeps the questions coming. What is Justin Trudeau hiding?

It doesn’t help that the Liberals voted down a motion to have Prime Minister’s Office staff testify in from of the justice committee. That includes former principal secretary Gerald Butts, who suddenly resigned, from the most plumb job in the country, for ‘no reason’.

The Liberal party is kind of like Hillary Clinton, with great disdain for the plebs and deplorables. It’s going to do them in just like it did Hillary.

As we never tire of asking, what has the Arab world contributed to the world, save for very long at airport security and other places where crowds congregate. Israel on the other hand has given endless medical, technological, quick emergency responses all over the world and agricultural expertise. Now they have hit another milestone.

Tonight, Israel seeks to become only the fourth country to successfully land on the moon, after Russia, the U.S. and China. The spacecraft — called Beresheet, Hebrew for Genesis or “In The Beginning” — will take nearly two months to reach the moon. Nothing more to say here except that the newly elected muslim democrats who are anti-Semites should, as the saying goes, crawl back under the rock they came from.

Bernie Sanders has chose a muslim by the name of Faiz Shakir as his campaign manager. Before Bernie, he was the national director of the ACLU – American Civil Liberties Union.

A couple of years ago, an Israel Anti-Boycott Act, legislation was introduced in the Senate that would make it a crime to support or even furnish information about a boycott directed at Israel or its businesses called by the United Nations, the European Union or any other “international governmental organization.” Faiz said that The Israel Anti-Boycott Act is designed to stifle efforts to protest Israel’s settlement policies by boycotting businesses in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

Bernie Sanders is pandering to the newly elected muslim ‘brotherhood’ in the United States. Good luck to the United States if this is the direction that they are taking and Bernie is backing the wrong horse, to put it mildly.

So the new Champlain Bridge is going to cost us $4.2 billion. And the cost of tearing down the old one? $400 million over a period of three years. Who is paying for that? Guess.

The stock market was pretty volatile today. One of the reasons could have been that the bookies came out and said that Trump has a very good chance of winning the presidential election in 2020. No kidding.

With the likes of Klobuchar and Cortez running around trying to lead the democrat party, Trump can basically stay the course and he’s a shoe-in.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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