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Israel’s intelligence system is second to none. When it got wind that Islamic Jihad leader Al-Ata was planning sniper and kidnapping attacks, armed drone attacks and rocket fire all aimed at Israel, they took measures to make sure his plans would not come to fruition.

The Israeli army targeted the specific room where al-ata was sleeping, leaving the rest of the building untouched in order to avoid civilian casualties. It doesn’t have to be said that the same is not true of the arab side, as they have pounded Israel with over 200 rocket attacks today, certainly not caring about civilian casualties.

If Israel wanted to, they could decimate Gaza. They are still going with some care, but if the arabs cannot get their hotheads under control, we are pretty certain that Israel will let loose, as they should.

Remember Archie Bunker? Is Don Cherry not Archie Bunker reincarnate?

We hope you are not surprised that he was fired from his show during hockey games called Coach’s Corner, after the umpteenth time he said ‘you people’.

For all you young un’s, Archie Bunker was the main character in a TV show called All in the Family. He was 100% politically incorrect, a bigot, nasty and very funny. It goes without saying that in this day and age of highly sensitive sensibilities where if you look at someone on their right side, you are publicly called out, that show would never get aired.

Don Cherry and Archie Bunker were separated at birth, ergo we are surprised it took so long to fire him. Oh wait. He was making a lot of money for a lot of people. There ya go. Until he not only crossed the line but stepped in it, was he let go.

Here’s a good one: Another Trump whistleblower has come forward and filed a complaint against the first Trump whistleblower. If this is not a comedy of epic proportions, making the Democrat party look like the gang that couldn’t shoot straight, we don’t know what is.

Seems the first whistle-blower used his fame to start a gofundme page and solicited more than $250,000 using his whistleblower fame and that violates Federal law. Quel surprise.

The first whistleblower said “Any fundraising efforts for the Intelligence Community Whistleblower have complied with federal laws, including ethics requirements.” Ya think the first whistleblower has any credibility left?

There is no doubt that Quebec takes the prize for the most inane, idiotic and first-world problem stories. This one ranks in the top ten.

There is a young millennium woman who won a seat in a party called Quebec Solidaire. Her name is Catherine Dorion. It appears that Ms. Dorion does not have the faintest hint of a hint of a clue what it means to be a member of parliament – any parliament.

To be a member of parliament is a privilege, it is an honour to have been elected by her constituents and it is a responsibility that has been around for hundreds of years.

Given all of the above, this spoiled, entitled and selfish #it’sallaboutme woman decided that wearing jeans and a hoodie to the National Assembly was proper attire. What’s the difference between going to a bar for a beer with your friends and passing legislation in government? In her little bubble of a world, nothing.

Not only does she not understand what is appropriate and what is not, she went one step further prove her point, whatever that is. On Halloween she posed in the most important room in the National Assembly sitting on a desk looking like a cheap hooker.

She was called on out on it and now, her fellow feminists have taken to social media to protest. Their fragile sensibilities have been touched. Poor babies. Another first-world problem. They are now calling for everyone to wear hoodies and jeans to work. Can we talk?

Here’s a headline: no, it’s not ok to go to work, as an elected government official, looking like you’re going to a football game. There’s something called respect for the position.

She’s not a techie working in an office with programmers who all wear tee shirts and jeans. She’s working in the highest level of provincial government and as such, her demeanour, including how she dresses, should reflect that. Rant over.

The last time we watched an impeachment hearing was Richard Nixon’s impeachment hearings in 1974. That’s what hooked us on politics.

Decades later, we’re about to watch another impeachment hearing. Our guess is that it won’t end as Nixon’s hearings did, with Trump leaving office. He’ll wind up staying where he is and using this whole impeachment try to get himself re-elected.

If you have nothing to do tomorrow, you can watch to your hearts content.

We’ll talk…

T.I.N.G. Today Montreal got an early snowstorm. As per Montreal’s never-ending quest to be like Belgium in terms of getting rid of cars and making people ride bikes, all the bike lanes were summarily plowed today, leaving pedestrians and cars to slip slide away.

Can someone please tell la mayor to look out her window? Does she not see snow? Does she not know that riding a bike in the snow is virtually impossible unless you are a super-duper nutcase who likes riding with sleet hitting your face?

Nothing like pretending, eh Blanche?

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