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Attention Liberal Lovers: Try Hugging A Tree After You Give Trudeau All Your Savings

In case you were wondering if the media is taking sides against Trump, wonder no more. Harvey Weinstein was one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. While that may be his first claim to fame, his second could be tied for first: He is a huge supporter of Hillary and Bill, Barack Obama and many other Democratic politicians and has raised zillions of dollars for them. He made sure that anybody who was anybody in Hollywood got to the White House. He set up events for Bill and Hillary and Barack and Michelle. He was their go-to person to the stars.

Well, Harvey has been one busy, lewd dude in the last few decades – busy sexually harassing women. In fact, it was the worst kept secret in Hollywood. In the past few days after word got out that his pants needed  a lock, he was fired from the company he founded.

Now we will jog your memory. Remember that gross conversation that Trump had on a bus with Billy Bush. It was truly nasty. Well, when that conversation became public, Trump was tarred, feathered and hung out to dry for a few weeks.

Harvey Weinstein and all his friends are  getting a pass from the media for staying friends with this lowlife knowing, for decades, of his gross behaviour. His dear democrat friends – not the deplorables – are silent. Deafeningly silent.

Blanche, do you think that the media is colluding with Hollywood to protect all the slime balls who were friends with Weinstein? If you answered yes you are correct. The media is as slimy as Harvey, if not more so for protecting both him and his ‘friends’. Capital ICH.

Trudeau, aka the fancy sock boy, is busy trying to collect money from anybody who has a dime that they saved. If you are a small business owner like a dentist, sales agent, lawyer or accountant, watch out – you are on their radar.

Remember when he ran and said he didn’t care if there was a deficit? Remember he said he would keep the deficit at $10 billion? Well dearies, he failed and his spending is outta control. Now he and his cohorts are frantically trying to plug up all the holes in the dam – with your hard-earned savings.

If you have a stash of money you have saved for a rainy day or have put away in case you have a nasty year in business or pick any other reason, Trudeau wants that money. What, you already pay taxes on what you earn? Pssshhhh – who cares about that.

Here’s the scoop: It used to be that if you took out that money you would pay about 45% tax on it. That’s bad enough. If Trudeau’s tax ‘reform’ goes through, you will be paying around 73% tax on that money.

We are guessing you can figure out that you won’t be seeing much of your hard earned savings. You want ‘refugees’  from the United States to get $27,000 each plus living and medical expenses? You want to save the world? So now you are but guess what? Somebody has to pay those bills and thanks to you, we are all those somebodies.

You will now have to wait until 2019 to vote this genius out and get someone in like the conservative leader by the name of Andrew Scheer who is intelligent, sensible, humble and surrounds himself with like people. Familiarize yourself with that name. He will save you from yourself. In the meantime go hug a tree after you fork over your money to Trudeau. Maybe you’ll feel better.

While we don’t want to harp on the media going after Trump, they are just the gift that keeps on giving. Yesterday, Ivana, Trump’s first wife said that as she was the first wife, well then, she should also be called the first lady, n’est pas?

Instead of treating this as the tongue-in-cheek remark that it was, the media is foaming at the mouth, declaring the war of the first ladies. Seriously? How low can the media go to try to get at Trump?

Premier Couillard is about to shuffle his cabinet. At least he didn’t wait until five minutes before the election. Seems he thinks those around him are too old, giving the image of, shall we say, old farts running the province. (Blanche, you are disgusting)

How about too arrogant giving the image of we don’t care a hoot what you little plebs think?

Until Couillard gets off his high horse and comes down a notch or two,  he’s not going to be around much longer.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell finally woke up regarding that ‘take a knee’ business, no doubt because revenues are dropping like the knees of the players. It appears that Monday night football has fallen to an all time low.

In a letter sent to all 32 league owners, Goodell said, …”the current dispute over the National Anthem is threatening to erode the unifying power of our game, and is now dividing us, and our players, from many fans across the country.”

He then went on to be much more specific: “Like many of our fans, we believe that everyone should stand for the National Anthem.” Can’t get much clearer than that, eh Blanche?

Now let’s wait and see what the players decide to do. Let’s see…give up their millions of dollars or kneel for the anthem and risk getting fired. No brainer here.

Our pretty-faced prime minister is not only spending his money on keeping up his hair and looks. Seems those selfies are a rather expensive political tool. Read this next part carefully because we know you won’t believe it:

Security costs for Trudeau have hit a record $2.3-million a month. Got that Blanche?Obviously Trudeau needs the accolades of his adoring fans. Too bad we have to pay for that.

A couple decided to get married at the old forum. Has anyone seen this couple? There are no words. We will leave you to google wedding Montreal forum. We can only say that it will take you a while to come to yourself. Very special.

Sears closed all their stores in Canada. Anyone shop there in the past, oh, ten years? As their real estate is in B or C malls, as opposed to A malls, we will venture a guess that nobody cares except their employees.

Blanche has two announcements: Firstly, we are offline again on Thursday as it is the last of the  holidays, so this report will be the only one this week. 

Secondly, Blanche is going on assignment to Israel. We will be leaving this Sunday, returning the following Sunday. We will be posting twice next week, but as there is a seven hour time difference, your email may arrive at a strange time. Back to regularly scheduled programming the week of October 23.

We’ll talk…

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