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There are people who unite and make our world a better place and then there are people who cause divisiveness and conflict. Wally Funk is the former, ben and jerry’s the latter. Wally Funk is an 82 year old aviation pioneer who never, ever let go of her dream. Today she became the oldest person to fly to space with Jeff Bezos on the Blue Origin, on the 52nd anniversary of man’s landing on the moon.

Contrast Wally Funk with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream makers who decided that they are going to represent  all the anti-Semites in the world and stop selling their ice cream to the parts of Israel they deem as ‘occupied territories’.

So who to emulate?

Wally Funk who brings the world together with her positive attitude or ben and jerry’s who divide the world with their negative, disgusting attitude? No contest. Ben and Jerry’s is going to rue the day they decided that making ice cream gives them a license to go after Israel. The backlash on social media is mind-boggling.

Better than that however, is the fact that in their quest to be the world’s policemen, here is the real result of what they have done from someone who lives in the ‘occupied territories’:

…While there will be certain Jewish owned supermarkets who will no longer be able to carry Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, ALL Palestinian store owners will also not be able to carry Ben and Jerry’s.  Like so many small minded boycotts against Israel (see: Airbnb and Sodastream) this one also backfired and hurt the Palestinians.

As for Wally Funk – she’s incredible. Her positive sincere zest for life and sheer tenacity is something we should all try to mirror.

Not much more to say here except that every Jew should be boycotting Ben and Jerry’s. Like the NFL, they have a mandate. Theirs is to make ice cream. Since when did that morph into making political statements? Because they have money? Big whoop. Boycott Ben and Jerry’s.

In our last post, we were lamenting the fact that the NFL is now playing the ‘black national anthem’ before their games including the super bowl. You can give a standing O to BLM for that one, plus taking the knee and defunding the police.

It took blm almost a week to come out with a statement about what is going on in Cuba. Finally on Thursday July 15 they graced us with their words. Shreklach. Beyond the pale. Unbelievable. Mind boggling. There are not enough adjectives to describe what they put out.

Peeps – they are blaming the US sanctions for the riots in Cuba. Here’s a flashing headline to blm: People are not protesting against the United States. We told you last week they had American flags. No. They are done with the greed and corruption of Cuban government.

Wait a minute. blm is an organization made up of greedy, corrupt, self-serving people. If not, they would have long been in Chicago, New York, Detroit and LA trying to stop the endless loop of violence black people are perpetrating against other black people. The USA has a very very big problem and no one is home to even start to solve it.

Can we talk? Don’t you wonder who the 400 people are who complained that our incoming Governor General, Mary Simon, can’t speak French? Blanche, do you know why she can’t speak French? Because the same country that says French is enshrined in the Official Languages Act as one of Canada’s two official languages, did not allow Simon to learn French when she went to a Federal day school. “She was born in northern Quebec. Her mother tongue is Inuktitut. She learned a second language, English, in the day school she attended because they didn’t teach French there in the ’50s.”

The other little tidbit to note is that she said she would give the speech from the throne partially in French. Now about those 400 people.

They caused an investigation to be started, at your expense. The outcome will in no way stop Mary Simon from becoming Governor General. So what’s the point here? We’ll help you with the answer. No point.

While few in the media are still covering the Surfside building collapse, we will give you an update.

They are almost at the bottom of the rubble and will not stop until they find no more human remains. The death toll is 97 with 95 souls identified. It took 12 seconds for the building to collapse…12 seconds that changed hundreds of lives forever.

One can only hope that after all is said and done, engineers will find out what happened so they can make sure such a tragedy never, ever happens again.

Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of England, said he is not running in the next election.

The reason given was that he made a commitment to help organize the private financial sector in the run-up to the United Nations climate conference, which is scheduled to run from Oct. 31 to Nov. 12. Tell it to the marines.

Mark Carney is not running in this election because he’s waiting for the leadership race in the liberal party. He wants the top job or no job. O’Toole has to be happy.

So we opened the border to Americans, but as of this blog, they have not reciprocated. Pity. Their tourism industry along the multiple border towns are suffering as much as ours are. What’s the point of delaying the opening? Get a grip, stop playing politics and open the borders both ways.

We’ll talk…

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