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Bridge Over Bernie’s Waters

The Democratic convention is a Broadway show with bad entertainment. Paul Simon should realize he’s no longer 40. His rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Waters was nasty. And really Blanche, how corny can you get? The Dems are divided and he’s sing this song? Like that’s going to make a difference.

Sarah Silverman from Saturday Night Live told Bernie’s supporters to get over it. “I think most Sanders supporters are reasonable people who think, you know, Bernie and Hillary have so much in common. They have a lot of the same values.” If that’s the case, all of Bernie’s supporters were duped from day one.

The DNC didn’t only go after Bernie. They referred to Latinos as taco bowls. Hey, wait a minute. Aren’t Democrats the ones who hug trees and fight for the underdog?

Michelle Obama spoke well. She certainly speaks better than her husband and against Hillary is in another realm. As a matter of fact, if Hillary were smart she would let Michelle speak in her stead. People trust Michelle because she has never given them a reason not to. Blanche, you may not like wikileaks and all that they do, but one thing cannot be disputed: they didn’t make those things up and as always, sneakiness and dishonesty surround Clinton.

It’s the old where there’s smoke there’s fire story. Don’t tell Bernie’s supporters, but this week’s Democratic convention is crawling with Wall Street dudes, many of them from Goldman Sachs. The who’s who of money is coming into Philadelphia. Lest you think we jest:

…Five executives from Goldman Sachs including Jennifer Scully, who was a major fundraiser for Bill Clinton in New York in 1992.

…Blackstone, one of the nation’s largest private equity firms, will hold an official reception in Philadelphia on Thursday featuring its president, Tony James, sometimes mentioned as a possible Treasury Secretary in a Clinton administration.

…Hedge fund managers and top Democratic donors plus Morgan Stanley executives will bask in the glow of Hillary.

…Executives from Citigroup, JP Morgan, Chase and other large banks will also prowl the streets and bar rooms of Philadelphia.

So, now do you still think Hillary is not married to both Bill and Wall street?

Islamic terrorists seem to be striking on a daily basis. This last attack was on a church in France where they beheaded an 86 year old priest. Here’s a bit of recent history: For years the Jews have been targeted in France and the government did virtually nothing to protect them. The result: Jews are leaving in droves. In their stead, they have muslims, millions and millions of them.

Everyone knows Jews contribute to whatever society they are a part of. What exactly do muslims contribute? Very little except terror and fear. Germany is about to face the same fate as France. Good luck to Europe. Perhaps the time has come to stop boycotting Israeli goods and start opening their eyes to what they really have there.

The olympics are looming and the troubles keep getting bigger and bigger. The Australian team, about 300 strong, refused to stay in athletes housing as there was no electricity and the toilets were not working. Could be a problem. The moved to a hotel until the issues are resolved.

The backed-up toilets that have confronted some Olympians are nothing compared with the dangerous soup of viruses and toxins that sailors, rowers and long-distance swimmers will dip into off Copacabana Beach and in nearby Guanabara Bay, which is polluted and can stink terribly depending upon which way the wind is blowing. With half of Rio’s raw sewage pumped into the ocean without treatment, it is not so far-fetched to ponder whether athletes should consider wearing HazMat suits when competing.

A word about all those polls coming out. They show Clinton and Trump basically tied in many states. Take a pill everyone. Those polls mean nothing right now. It’s too early. Plus people lie to pollsters, especially this year. If they are registered Bernie Democrats they will not be caught dead saying they are voting for Trump but in fact many might be.

Clinton has to deliver the mother-of-all-speeches on Thursday night, and not look like a stiff, unemotional robot. She got where she is through devious means for years and years, right up to the present wikileaks fiasco. One thing is for sure. If there is one more leak of emails between now and Thursday, she’s in serious trouble and all her wall street and Hollywood friends will not be able to help her.

We’ll talk…

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