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Call Prime Minister Trudeau for your Free Ride

As we don’t live in Alabama or Washington, we are not privy to insider information, so all we can do is speculate on what is really going on with this seemingly endless story. We will present the facts and allow you, the reader to try determine who is lying and who is telling the truth:

…Judge Roy Moore is running for a senate seat in Alabama and has been accused by about nine women of being indecent toward when they were underage or in their late teens. He has denied their accusations. It was also stated that he was banned from a mall at that time because he had a ‘reputation’ for doing these things.

…We have heard that the Democrats are behind this campaign, specifically the Clinton machine, to discredit Moore and get a democrat into that senate seat.

…Why would all these women decide to reveal all the facts now, a mere three weeks before the election? Why didn’t they come out with their stories months ago? Perhaps they saw that Moore was going to win the seat and couldn’t bear him getting all those accolades.

…As well, they are in a lose lose situation. Money they won’t see. They all live in small towns, they are certainly not famous (until now), and they stand to embarrass their children and families.

…Today, an attorney for Roy Moore told reporters that the media, Democrats and establishment Republicans are waging a “three-front war” against the Alabama Senate candidate. He was backed up by two other heavy hitters who also spoke in favour of Moore, outright saying the women were lying. In their press conference, they stated that they spoke to the mall manager at the time and he refuted the charges that Moore was banned from the mall.

What does Blanche think? We believe the women.

59,000 Haitians living in the US will lose their status in July of 2019, at which time they will face deportation if they have not already left voluntarily.

What does our liberal selfie-taking Prime Minister Trudeau have to say on the situation?That they are making some contingency plans in case the news prompts another wave of illegal border crossings into Canada. Can we talk?

How about saying you can’t come into Canada by crossing the border through a field? How about saying that they have to fill out forms and go through the system like everyone else who came here? How about saying they will be turned back on the spot? How about saying Canada won’t give them a free ride.

Because ladies and gentlemen, those who voted him in are now going to literally pay the piper and force everyone else to do the same thing. Here’s a little tidbit: Get Trudeau outta there as fast as possible. Good looks, good hair, a nice smile and a famous father are not criteria to be Prime Minister.

Montreal’s new mayor announced her executive committee and immediately received flak for who was not named. While the men-women ratio was fine, there was no ‘diversity’. Meaning, only white faces. Can we talk?

What’s she supposed to do if neighbourhoods cannot find people to run in their riding? Pick people out of thin air? She worked with what she had, as she said. The tree-huggers can’t only hug trees. Once in a while they have to actually step back from the trunk and do something.

Here’s another headline: The only way to effect change is from within. Ya gotta be there to vote. So now all those bleeding heart liberals have four years to find ‘diverse’ people to run in the next election.

We’ll talk…

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