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We heard a perfect analogy to describe what is happening with the airline industry. Imagine you ordered a pizza and paid for it. The restaurant said they would deliver it at 7:30 pm. However, the restaurant neglected to tell you that it has no cook and no one to deliver the pizza. But wait. You paid for it. They told you they were delivering it. Tough luck. That is what is happening with the airline and airports. Airlines knew they did not have enough flight crews for the amount of tickets they were selling, and yet they sold the tickets anyway. Airports knew they did not have enough baggage handlers, security people, jet bridge crews to get you off the plane etc, etc.

This weekend, Air Canada was number one in the world – get that – in the world – for delayed or cancelled flights. How interesting that Justin, our deputy prime minister Chrystia Freeland and our useless transport minister – the ‘honourable’ Omar Alghabra have lost their ability to speak.

Perhaps they have  gone back into hiding like they did with the freedom convoy in February or they are on vacation and could care less if you never get to your destination.

Yet another ‘mass’ shooting in the United States perpetrated by yet another white, disaffected, male between the ages of 18-22. This guy was clearly missing a few screws and yet he legally purchased two automatic rifles. He clearly didn’t want to die, as he planned his escape by dressing as a woman and blending in with the crowds of people running for their lives.

What we will never fathom is that for their five minutes of ‘fame’ they can’t figure out that for the rest of their lives they will be in jail. Or not –  as even in jail there is a hierarchy and they may not live very long.

The United States has a very big and serious issue on their hands. So far this year, there have been 309 mass shootings. In New York this July 4th weekend, 21 people were shot. In Chicago, aside from the mass shooting, 57 people were shot and nine died. As we keep saying, the grass is not greener anywhere else.

Regarding the fact that getting a passport in Canada –  a first world country – is now virtually impossible,  it appears that Service Canada who now runs the passport office suspended 294 staff under the vaccine mandate. In other words, if they were not vaccinated they were not allowed to work. Someone asked this question on Twitter: “They are working from home but were fired if they are not vaccinated?” The answer is yes.

We don’t need any more evidence that this government is being run by complete incompetents who have not the faintest hint of a clue what his happening beyond their four walls. As the very astute woman who posted this on Twitter said, “Just trying to keep track of the many layers of bs.”

What would you do to try to alleviate the passport fiasco? Try to workers to come back? Get people working at home to get back to the office? Keep the offices open for longer hours?

Justin and his government did none of the above. So what did they do? They bought 535 “armrest-free” chairs and 266 seats with armrests in a tender entitled “URGENT FOR PASSPORT OFFICES.” The notice says the chairs must be hard-surfaced, such as plastic, to “facilitate maintenance.”

The deadline for would-be suppliers to make bids is early Thursday afternoon, with delivery to two locations in the Montreal area — including a Passport Canada office — required by Friday.

On June 25, Justin announced a new Cabinet task force dedicated to improving government services. Your tax dollars at work.

It turns out, no matter how many vaccines you get, it will never be enough. According to Health minister Jean Yves Duclos – Canadians will be required to get a booster shot every nine months for the foreseeable future. Ergo, fully vaccinated is kaput.

There is no doubt at all that Justin and his geniuses  create their policies with a dart board. Zero scientific evidence. Rather, they posture these idiotic statements to justify keeping things like ArriveCan going.

Let’s say you are in La Guardia airport where there are thousands of people in the airport with no masks because they have done away with all mask mandates. Then you hear that it’s time to go to the gate for your Air Canada flight. So far so good.

As you enter the plane, the flight attendant smiles – or you think she’s smiling – because she’s wearing a mask. She tells you to put on your mask. Why? Because of course covid only knows to go on Canadian flights or to Canadian airports. So if you are flying from New York to Montreal on a United flight no mask. But fly on a Canadian airline and that mask better be on. The dart board again.

In the public service department, we read an article about how to travel in these days. One of the better tips was that if you are traveling with someone, split your clothes into the two bags. That way, if one of your bags is lost – a very good possibility – you will both have some clothing.

We’ll talk…

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