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Connect the Dots: Meng Wanzhou…Huawei…Trump…Canada…Crashing Stock Market

In our last report, we wrote about Trudeau’s donation, via twitter, of $50 million of your tax dollars. One of our favourite writers, Rex Murphy, pointed out that the monies were going to educate girls and women. Said Murphy, “…Are there no distressed, underage, educated deprived males anywhere in the planet?” According to Trudeau, the answer is no.

He got it exactly. As he said, this was not quite a Mr. Dressup goes to India moment, but Trudeau’s tweet questions whether our prime minister ‘happens to be a celebrity or a celebrity who happens to be a prime minister.’ Either way, it doesn’t bode well for us plebs. It appears that he has serious aspirations to be in Hollywood and an intelligence level, shall we say, not quite up to par. Not a good combination to lead a country.

Did anyone see Quebec Premier Francois Legault miss his chair yesterday? He stood up in the National Assembly, gave a speech and we are guessing, pushed his chair back a tad too far. After he finished talking, he went to sit down and kaboom – he fell flat on his behind. The visual is hysterical.

We are guessing that this will be his Gilles Duceppe moment. Remember when he went to tour a food factory and allowed the press to take pictures of him in a hairnet? He never lived that down. Our guess is that this video of Legault will be widely circulated. We are guessing that he swore in French.

Enjoy the clip. It happens at the 6 second mark:

Everyone living in Quebec knows that gas prices are rigged. Well, today it came out that not only are the prices rigged to change at every gas station known to man in Quebec at the exact same time, the geniuses that set the prices have said they were overcharging us by 15cents a litre.

How, you ask yourself, can the pea-brained bureaucrats have done that? And into whose pocket you are asking yourself, did all that extra money go? Why, you are asking yourself, did no one pick this up as it has been happening since 2015? And finally, you are asking yourself will we all get refunds?

It seems we were being charged for crude oil from Saudi Arabia when in fact we were receiving oil from Alberta. Who knew? Did no one check the bills? Oh wait. Maybe they were in English and no bureaucrat could read English. Quebec sais faire and we were all screwed. And no Blanche, you are not getting a refund.

Pocahontas, aka Elizabeth Warren, 2020 presidential hopeful, will just not let her 1/10024th Cherokee heritage go. Get a grip woman. You are whiter than snow and are not Cherokee.

Warren has privately expressed concern that she may have damaged her relationships to Native American groups and her own standing with progressive activists, particularly those who are racial minorities. Ya think? She’s putting the accent on the wrong syllable.

Don’t look at the stock market today. It’s going to be a bloodbath thanks in part to the arrest, in Vancouver on Saturday, of the CEO of Huawei Technologies Meng Wanzhou ostensibly at the request of the Americans. It is interesting to note that her arrest took place at the same time as Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced a truce in their trade war.

What is also interesting to note is that Meng is the daughter of the founder of Huawei, which happens to be the 7th largest information technology company by revenue. Let’s just say this arrest is doing to do nothing to help the ‘trade truce’ between China and the US, as the world is witness to with the tanking of the stock market.

Back to Trudeau. You know Blanche, he’s quickly becoming like Hillary – the gift that keeps on giving. Last year, in order to get a grant from the government to hire students or if a student wanted to work at a place with a grant from the government, everyone had to tick off that they were pro-abortion. If not, you did not get either a grant or a job.

Well, it appears that little stunt didn’t work well and the Liberals are walking this tree-hugging save-the-turtle move back in a big way. They not only took it away, they apologized for doing it in the first place. Can you tell elections are coming in October?

In the end, it won’t help Trudeau or his government as between now and then there will be plenty more gaffs and idiotic policies than we can count on.

Blanche, did you see the icicles dripping from Hillary yesterday at Bush 41’s first funeral yesterday? This woman is truly the ice queen. We refer to the funeral in Washington as the first funeral because there was a second one today in Houston and finally a burial in a place called College Station in Texas where Bush’s library was built. Trump came in and shook hands with the Obamas who were seated next to him and Melania. Alas, he ignored Carter – one of the biggest anti-Semites around and the Clintons. The kicker was that Hillary didn’t even turn her head lest she accidentally make eye contact with Donald. It is obvious that she has still not recovered from the losing the presidential election to him.

She belongs in the same home as Elizabeth Warren. Get a grip ladies. Life doesn’t always toss you lollipops. In Hillary’s case, she lost because she was and is a loser in every sense of the word. People saw through her fake smile, fake caring and fake kindness. She can pout all she wants. She lost and if she knows what’s good for her, she best get lost before she further embarrasses both herself and her party. Warren should just move onto an Indian reservation somewhere in Utah and learn to cook Cherokee food.

Good Shabbos and Happy Chanukah We’ll talk

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