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Couillard’s Alarm Clock Best Be Waking Him Up

Sometimes, we wish that all we did was simply report the news with no commentary. Life would certainly be much simpler that way. Such is not the case. So we will give commentary straight from the heart.

As simple plebs, there is nothing we can do to stop someone from creating the carnage that happened in Las Vegas. Or in Sandy Hook. Or in Miami. Or in Colombine. Or in Oklahoma. Or in Boston.

We are not legislators who can change gun laws. Society can’t punish those who do these horrific things because most of the time they kill themselves. So what’s left for us to do?

Although it may sound very simplistic, often answers are found in the most simple words. Just be a nice, decent person. Do acts of goodness and kindness – not just today or tomorrow, but every day, even when we forget about Las Vegas, which we will in about two days.

While we can’t change what happens in the rest of the world, we can affect change in our four cubits. If each person was nice to everyone they met – no matter what one thinks they did to you or how they looked at you – imagine what our communities would look like?

For the moment, no one knows the reason for this latest massacre. If he were a terrorist, or had mental health issues or was homeless or showed some signs of anger… Doesn’t seem to be the case yet. Obviously something triggered his sick need to slaughter innocent people, but it will take some digging to find out what it was.

Which makes this all the more frustrating and makes us, who sit by and watch helplessly, feel, well, even more helpless. Don’t feel helpless. And don’t try to change the world. Change yourself and the world will follow.

Couillard’s Liberals got a huge kick you-know-where yesterday when the CAQ buried them in a by-election. We have been saying for months that people are seething with anger at the entitled, obnoxious and disgusting behaviour of Barrette, our health minister. He has dealt with the hospitals, doctors, auxiliary staff and the public with total disdain and all the while Couillard remained silent, which is tacit to his stamp of approval.

Couillard is a doctor by profession. It would do him well to take the pulse of the population and dump Barrette before it’s too late.

Couillard seems to be living in some kind of altered world. Or perhaps the same world that Hillary Clinton lived in – surrounded by yes-men who don’t tell him the truth, rather what he wants to hear. Can someone get close to him and please whisper in his ear that people are angry enough to take their chances with Francois Legault. It appears that they don’t care if was once a separatist. It appears that they despise Barrette enough to take that chance.

Don’t panic, but it snowed about 20 inches in the mountains of Montana. It’s coming…

What got lost in this week’s news was the terrorist attack in Edmonton. Thirty-year-old Abdulahi Sharif (no, he’s not a Jewish accountant) took a van, rammed it into a police officer, then got out and stabbed him. He then took that van and in the chase with the police, ran people down while trying to escape. He managed to hit four people.

Trudeau, our Prime Minister spoke later the next day. Of course he said he was outraged and deeply concerned about the incident. Ah, but then he couldn’t help himself but say the following: We know that Canada’s strength comes from our diversity. Can we talk?

Does he have to pander to muslims when a muslim rammed five people with a van? No he doesn’t. He chose to do that because the muslim who rammed that van into those people was a Somali refugee who came to Canada in 2012. Initial information on the documents indicated he was sponsored by the federal government for one year.

It then came out that Sharif presented himself at an official port of entry and then claimed asylum status. He was granted refugee status later that year. Was he vetted? Maybe for five minutes. Obviously he was not vetted properly and obviously he came here with an agenda which he managed to carry out. He bided his time until he was ready or someone told him to strike.

Now go re-read Trudeau’s diversity comment. It’s nauseating. Canada’s strength comes from its people, not from being diverse. Canada’s strength comes from people coming here with one agenda: to make our country a better, safer, more peaceful place. Feh on Trudeau.

More people regret sex change and want to ‘detransition’. Really? What about the little kids who decide they are boys and want to be girls or vis-a-versa and the parents say to their little dearies whatever makes you happy.

Here’s a headline: ‘Whatever makes you happy’ is not parenting. Parenting is telling your child that until you are of age to vote, your vote doesn’t count in our house. We are the parents, we make the rules. Case closed.

Can we be a bit shallow? Why can’t Julie Payette, our new Governor General fix her hair and put on a bit of makeup? Au natural is fine when you’re six years old. After forty everyone needs a bit of help. Can someone please help her? Maybe tell her to call Kate Middleton. She wears the bare minimum of makeup and always looks great. Well, she’s also much younger but you get the drift – Kate gets it.

This has nothing to do with how smart she is. We all know that. She is now representing our country and frankly Blanche, we’d rather not look like country bumpkins.

You may or may not recall the pit bull who mauled a woman to death last summer. This week the corner sided with the SPCA and said that evidence is mounting against breed-specific measures. The city called for pit bulls to be muzzled and basically are not fit to be pets.

In case you were wondering about pit bulls, we will enlighten you: Today’s pit bull is a descendant of the original English bull-baiting dog – a dog that was bred to bite and hold bulls, bears and other large animals around the face and head. When baiting large animals was outlawed in the 1800s, people turned instead to fighting their dogs against each other.

So, were poodles or cocker spaniels or any other docile dog bred to bite and hold and basically kill their opponent? No.

Blanche, remember when we were walking on the street and a dude with a pit bull had him on a leash? Remember how scared you were? Why? Because the leash was a chain and the owner had trouble restraining his dog. End of discussion and case closed.

Blanche will return next Tuesday as the holiday of Sukkot falls this week on Thursday and Friday. We’ll talk…

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