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There are not many things that we dislike more than a politician who thinks himself much smarter than the little peeps. One such person is David Birnbaum.

Seriously? He’s not running in the next election and decided this months ago? Does he really, deep down, think anyone believes him?  Our guess is that he is positioning himself for his next job.

So how do we know he is not telling the truth? Because we received a card in the mail last week – as did all of his constituents – with a big, full-color picture of him and the slogan – Call us if you need anything. That would not have come from someone who decided months ago that he was not running in the next election, which by the way is this coming October 3.

When we got the card we couldn’t believe the timing – a few weeks after he threw the entire Quebec English community under the bus.

Birnbaum was getting skewed in the media for his asinine suggestion that kids in English CEGEP write three core exams in French. When he got unending flack, to put it mildly, he tried to defend his position. When that didn’t work, he put himself into reverse and said he would not vote for Bill 96 in the National Assembly. Good morning America.

Now he’s saying he decided not to run months ago? Mr. Birnbaum, that is a gross insult to the intelligence of those who voted for you in the past. You need a serious reality check and then you need to apologize to your constituents.  Feh.

In case you thought the news was calming down, think again. Someone intent on hurting a lot of people  entered a subway train in Brooklyn, donned a gas mask, ignited a gas bomb, then shot about 10 people. He is still on the loose. It appears the video inside the subway station was not working so police are relying on phone videos of those who were there.

At a press conference held a few hours later, one of the politicians who spoke was the governor of New York, Kathy Hochul. Thelma, remember we always say be careful what you wish for? Well, be careful what you wish for.

This woman, who replaced Andrew Cuomo,  is a disaster. She was so bad we wanted to throw something at our computer just to shut her up. Drama queen at the absolute wrong moment are the operative words here. Then we found out that her sidekick – New York Democratic Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin was arrested this morning on campaign finance-related federal charges.

This latest attack is not going to help to get people back into those subway cars. Plus not finding this guy? What a mess.

Shanghai is a complete and total disaster. In the communist government’s insane zero-covid policy, they have locked down the entire city. And in China, locked down means exactly that. If you step out of your house, be very prepared to bear the nasty consequences.

The biggest problem is a lack of food. In late March, just before the city was ordered to stay home, panicked buyers left grocery store shelves empty. Now, desperation has set in.

Videos show people screaming at community workers, pleading with them for food, saying they’re starving. Others show crowds at a quarantine food distribution site fighting over a small delivery of vegetables. And heaven forbid you test positive.

You will be sent to their prison-like quarantine system for days or weeks. Images of cramped facilities, unsanitary conditions with overflowing trashcans, no running water and dirty communal toilets seem to be the norm.

China is run by people who have less than zero regard for life. All they care about is saving face. Be happy with the first world problems you have.

Many years ago, when Jews were not allowed to leave Russia, the world was holding massive protests against Russia. Clearly they were very public. One of the great Sages of our time, the Lubavitcher Rebbe kept saying that those demonstrations were not allowing Russia to save face and doing more harm than good to the Jews trapped there. People were stoking the ‘big Russian bear’. What would work was quiet diplomacy. He was right. 

Sadly, the same is happening now. Russia has not changed one iota. Putin is being publicly humiliated by the world, by every leader. The world is forcing his hand – again stoking the big Russian bear. They are pushing Putin to save face the only way he knows how – with extreme brutality.

At first we thought Zelensky was doing the right thing by speaking to any country who would listen to him. And perhaps a few weeks ago that was the right thing to do.

But it’s not working. In fact, it’s working against him and his people. Putin is digging his heels in. You want to embarrass me? I’ll show you what you get for that.

Perhaps the time has come for Zelensky to be silent and, like it or not,  allow Putin to save face. Perhaps the time has come to start using quiet diplomacy. Stoking the big Russian bear is not working.

There was a by-election in Quebec yesterday. The result was pretty astonishing. In a place were the separatist party – the Parti Quebec – has won that riding for decades – they were upset by the CAQ.

The liberals? Decimated. Less than 7%. So far, nine candidates will not run for the liberal party this October. More are going to quit. Ya think it’s time for the leader to resign? Dominique Anglade may be a very nice, intelligent woman, but in no way, shape or form is she a leader.

English Quebecers have but one party to vote for now – the Quebec Conservative party run by Eric Duhaime. We suggest you start doing some investigation into this man. For starters, he was a radio talk show host, so we know he can walk and talk. You can watch him at the official leaders debate (en francais) on radio Canada.

He’s also in the perfect position this election, with Anglos and Allophones having no one else to vote for, as the liberals have left both those minorities in the dust.

We’ll talk…

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