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Did Houdini Make Couillard Reappear?

It appears that our premier, Philippe Couillard has come out of hibernation. Seriously, has anyone heard from the dude in the last year?

Sorry to be debbie-downer, but the only reason he’s come out of hiding is because he realized that there’s an election in a couple of years and his poll numbers are starting to drop like a veritable stone. He feels there has been a ‘loss of contact with the anglophone community’. Ya think?

Here’s a memo that someone should drop onto his breakfast table: lose the health minister Barrett. He’s a dictator. You know Blanche, you can sell anything to anyone – it’s all in the packaging. Barrett has obviously never been to packaging school. It’s bad enough that his edicts are imbecilic (don’t you wonder if they are born in Couillard’s office?), but his delivery of them is beyond nasty. Stay tuned. Could be Couillard is coming back to life and this was not a cameo appearance.

Obama took the gloves off, stopped stuttering when talks and gave the middle finger to Netanyahu – all at the same time. It appears he’s just getting revved up as he also started up with Trump today on twitter. Now that’s a silly thing to do as Trump is the master of tweets.

After sticking it to Israel at the UN, Obama said in an interview yesterday that had he been able to run for a third term he most likely would have won. There is no doubt that his  comment was a missile directed with a laser beam at Hillary and her missives.  Can we talk?

Did we not say he would love to be president forever and that Michelle is not happy leaving the White House as per her whining interview last week?  You know where she said she lost all hope.

Buddy, you didn’t run but you did give Hillary big bear hugs on stage more than once and said that she’s the best candidate for president since sliced bread. Obviously he didn’t mean a word of what he said. At least he was civil to her, which he wasn’t to Netanyahu. And his staying in Washington for the next couple of years? He says because his girls are in school there. His girls are in university and they can do without him. Drop the dog doodoo and say what you mean – you think your pawtee can’t live without you. Can you say arrogant?

Yesterday we watched a video which came out of the muslim nation of Bahrain. It depicted a  group of observant, peyos, tzitzis-flying Jews dancing together with some arab sheiks celebrating Chanukah. Now guess who was ticked off? Hamas.

The best thing to do here is quote directly: “Surprisingly,” they wrote in a statement, “a group of dignitaries and merchants in the State of Bahrain hosted a racist and extremist delegation of Zionists and they openly dance with Jews in a shameful scene.” No comment except if anyone, like Jimmy Carter or Barack Hussein Obama, think Israel can make peace with these dudes, they are dead wrong.

No shortage of news because there’s no shortage of bored, obviously misguided and perhaps parent-less teens and pre-teens.

Using social media they sent out messages to create chaos in malls all across North America. And chaos they did create. Hundreds of them descended on different shopping centres while people were innocently meandering from store to store en famille.

They started fighting with each other, shouting, punching, pushing people down etc. Here’s what we propose: take away their cell phones for an undetermined amount of time, the minimum length being a month. Let’s see what happens to them.

Blanche, have you got any idea what’s going on in Chicago? It’s certainly not a city on our top 100 list to visit. In fact, after this past weekend it dropped off the chart. At least twenty-seven people were shot, seven fatally, in a 48-hour period in Chicago over the past holiday weekend.

Don’t you wonder why Rahm Emanuel can’t get a handle on his city? Perhaps he should go back to be Obama’s chief of staff. Oh wait a minute, Obama’s leaving. Well maybe he should call Rudy Guilani. He’s not doing anything these days and seems to have gotten a hold of New York while he was mayor.

We won’t elaborate on this next piece, but we totally agree with Trump: What exactly has the United Nations done for the world in the last twenty or so years? The United States props it up and he seems to be mumbling, as he did during his campaign, that the party’s over once he becomes president. Not a minute to soon.

While the world is mourning, very publicly, the passing of Carrie Fisher, we would like to remind people that others pass away as well, with little or no fanfare. We have such a friend, the same age as Fisher, who died a few hours before she did. Fisher’s passing is very sad as she left a mother and child behind. My friend’s passing is equally heart-wrenching as she left four children now motherless and fatherless.

And while we’re at it, can someone please explain why people say that someone ‘passed’. Passed what? Wind? Passed by someone? People don’t pass. They either die or pass away.

We’ll talk…

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