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Duct Tape can’t help stupid people but it can muffle the sound.

Today was horrific in Israel. Two men died in synagogue this morning…while praying. Three others were murdered as their car was stopped in traffic. Did anyone read about those murders anywhere online except on Israeli news feeds? Were any buildings lit up in blue and white? CNN posted something only because one of those tragically murdered was an eighteen-year old young man from Sharon Mass. It’s business as usual – arabs stabbing or running over Jews, another day in Israel.

When the world will wake up and realize that what is happening in Israel, on a daily basis, is coming to a theater near them, they will incredulously shake their heads and ask themselves why no one came to Israel’s aid. They will ask themselves why their ‘leaders’ continuously asked Israel to refrain from retaliating. And they will come to realize that arabs are taught to first hate the Jew and then hate everyone else which is exactly what is happening right now. Wake up world.

Leaderless. Yes Blanche, that’s our world today. We saw the best two sentences that describe Obama, the absentee leader of the free world: Obama’s exemption from reality has expired. He must either commit to leading the free world to victory or step aside so someone else can.

As for our erstwhile leader Justin, the best way to describe him is pathetically embarrassing. Amid the slaughter of people at concerts and restaurants, he found himself in Turkey at the G20 meetings. He had a choice to make at this summit. Continue to allow the media to focus on his new moniker of sexiest world leader or act like a prime minister, look the press straight in the eye and tell them this is not the time to focus on superficiality. He failed miserably, taking smiling and fun selfies with his adoring followers. Ya can’t buy class.

The lack of leadership goes well beyond Obama in the US. FBI Director James Comey said on Thursday there was no credible threat of an attack on US soil similar to the ones last week in Paris and that his agency had taken terrorism investigations “up a notch.”

He went on to say that the threat focuses primarily on troubled souls living in the US who are being inspired or enabled online to do something violent for ISIL and that they have stopped many people last year. Can we talk?

Why can’t these people just keep their mouths shut tight. We certainly hope he’s right but wouldn’t it be better just to let sleeping dogs lie. If there’s no threat, wonderful. But people still have to be vigilant.

Ben Carson’s campaign is going from bad to worse. The New York Times printed an article last week that Carson is having a hard time grasping the foreign policy issues. In a very weird statement, his campaign alleges the Times took “advantage of an elderly gentleman and used him as their foil in this story…[in] an affront to good journalistic practices.” Whoa there.

They just called their own presidential candidate an old man, a senior citizen, someone who’s mind is old and possibly can’t remember everything. By the time Carson finishes talking to those around him, he actually may become much older.

Get this one Blanche: The House of Representatives passed a bill Wednesday that would require the director of the FBI, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and the director of national intelligence to personally sign off on each Syrian refugee entering the United States. Accountable anyone? Lest you think this will stop obama aka alfred e. neuman from bringing in those ‘poor syrian darlings’, think again. The White House, which has promised to veto the bill, has called the Houses’s demands “untenable.”

It looks like obama will have to leave the virtual golf course in his office for five minutes to tend to business. Oh wait, that would be after he tells Netanyahu to take it easy on those innocent stabbing victims in Israel.

In case you’re still in the mood to travel, although it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a safe place, Blanche will provide you with the most on-time airlines known to man for this week: Delta wins the prize with an 85% punctuality record. In second place is Alaska Airlines – hey, that’s a good place to go, followed by Hawaiian Airline, also not bad. Dead last is Spirit airlines, with United in third to last place. Now that was helpful, eh Blanche? Well, kind of. Ya still have to get there.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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