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Elizabeth Warren Flubs it Again…

Marc Garneau, Canada’s minister of Transportation is carrying on about what Canada is going to do to the Iranians regarding the plane that was shot out of the sky by two missiles and how to get compensation for the families. 

Canadian officials want to find out why the airport allowed commercial flights to fly. Really? They can’t figure it out? Could someone please put them all out of their misery and tell them because the flight left from Tehran, not Jerusalem or Ottawa or New York. Missiles flying all over the place? Who cares.

Here’s a little of what our naive Canadians are up against: those running the country of Iran are now pressuring people who’s family members were on that plane to keep their mouths shut and guess what – they will if they value their own lives.

Teheran is a dictatorship run by the Ayatollah who doesn’t give a rats what Canada, Trudeau or Garneau says. They will do as they please, even if more sanctions are imposed.

They want answers? Here’s one: Flying out of Tehran on an Air Ukraine plane while missiles are flying around is a recipe for disaster.

While we found the latest democratic debate a total snore-fest, anyone hoping to find a candidate to defeat Donald Trump was apoplectic. Not one person on that stage could hold a candle to the presence that Trump exhibits when he’s debating or in front of a crowd. Like him or not, he is electric when in front of his people. What made people insane was that instead of going after Trump, each of those very boring, often whining candidates tried to outdo the other. The problem is, each of them can be a commercial for a sleeping pill, so you can imagine how boring they were.

Elizabeth Warren’s inability to see past herself rose to the surface yet again, trying to bring up a two year old conversation she had with Bernie. She alleges he told her a woman cannot be president.  And therefore? That would stop her from trying?

After the debate was over, she refused to shake hands with Bernie and then got caught on a hot mic. Here’s the conversation:

“I think you called me a liar on national TV.” “What?”responded Sanders.

“I think you called me a liar on national TV”, she repeated.

How petty and silly she looked. Come on. Instead of being a cry-baby, prove him wrong.

The impeachment trial is finally getting underway and Zaidy Bernie is getting screwed again, this time by Nancy Pelosi.

There is little doubt that the democrat insiders have no interest in putting an elderly socialist candidate opposite Trump. How convenient then, that this impeachment trial is happening two weeks before the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries holding Bernie hostage in the senate, unable to campaign.

‘They’ want Joe Biden who they can manipulate as they wish. Bernie won’t be told to do by anyone. His hands are now tied behind his back with no end in sight.

Chuck Schumer makes our skin crawl. As does Kamala Harris. Feh. Self-righteous, pompous blowhards.

That baseball scandal just went up another notch. Not only did the Houston Astros cheat by putting cameras on the catcher to get his signals, it appears they wore devices that buzzed on inside right shoulder from hallway video guy telling them what kind of pitch they were getting.

These guys have taken a wholesome game and dumped it into the toilet. Everyone involved should be thrown out of the game – permanently.

Talk about wanting to keep your day job. Vladimir Putin has to leave his position as president in 2024 and he can’t run again for President. In case you were wondering, he’s been there since 1999.

To make sure he stays in power, he and his entire cabinet quit because he is rearranging the chairs on the titanic to make sure he retains power, not as president but next as prime minister in a newly reformed parliament.

Putin has been President for four terms and clearly is looking to stay leader of that country until he either expires or someone overthrows him.

One more thing about the impeachment business. Yesterday we watched as Nancy Pelosi signed the papers to get this ball rolling. While doing so, she used a different pen for each letter of her name.

Got that Blanche? She used 11 pens to sign her name. That wasn’t the issue. Those pens become mementos and the instant she finished signing, she handed each of the eleven grinning ladies and gentlemen standing around her a pen. Gross.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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