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Get Smart Where are You??

Looking for a job? We have one for you. Head of the Parti Quebecois.

There was a new poll done and it seems that only 20% of people in Quebec would vote for the PQ. Ah shucks – not!

This weekend they have a ‘private’ meeting to figure out what went wrong in the election campaign to make their own people run for the hills or Liberals. Wouldn’t you want to be a fly on the wall and watch them duke it out? It’s you, no it’s you, no it’s you.

We say that the buck stops at the head and the head was princess pauline. As the saying goes, when it stinks from the head it stinks all the way down. Ya think she’ll be there? Not a chance.

Finally some really good news is coming out of Montreal’s city hall. Today our mayor Coderre met with Municipal Affairs Minister Pierre Moreau and confirmed that a bill will be written giving Montreal special status. What does that mean? Having been part of Critiq, a group that’s focus is the economic re-growth of Montreal,  we have some inside info for you.

Hopefully it will lessen the stranglehold on big companies wanting to send employees here to work. Maybe someone will wake up and realize that those people need to be able to send their children to an English school for the few years they are here. Doink!

It will also mean that if, G-d forbid, we ever have to go through another PQ meltdown/rant, Montreal will not be affected. Those idiotic little missives from the office de la langue francais will no longer have the right to go around measuring pasta words or ice cream flavors on spoons to make sure french is written bigger or to their liking.

May we take this opportunity to suggest that you check out critiq’s website and perhaps join. They have been pushing for city status long before it was a popular thing to do and the more people they have on their list, the greater their influence on those who make decisions. Traveling by plane from Montreal may get very interesting in the next few weeks. The ‘unionized’ blue collar workers are not happy with their break time. They get 15 minutes and sometimes it takes them that amount of time to get to a place where they can take a break. Seems there are no little huts along the runways for them to take a snooze. That’s a reason to strike, eh? We wish we worked for a union.

If you haven’t heard of Donald Sterling in the past few days you must have been in Cuba or camping somewhere. He’s the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, a basketball team in, you guessed it, Los Angeles. He was taped uttering some pretty crude and gross racial slurs. Considering that 75% of all basketball players are African American, he’s not the brightest chip in the box. Goes to show money can’t buy you brains or morals. Lest we digress.

Today he got punished from the league. He was banned from life and has to pay a $2.5 million fine. It was also suggested that the owners get together and ‘persuade’ him to sell the team. For some reason, the media keeps publishing the most awful pictures of this dude. Wait! Maybe he’s not that good-looking to begin with. For sure he farbs (dyes) his hair. Good riddance to him. No loss there.

And now for some travel information. Want to avoid getting pickpocketed? Here ya go: The Zip It Gear Pocket Sock is a sock created for men and women that has a large enough pocket to hold cash, credit cards, and an ID. The zipper will not set off any metal detectors and is a good spot to hide important items that you wouldn’t want stolen.

The Sanuk Pick Pocket Shoe prevents anyone from stealing your ID or money. The sandal-shoe hybrid contains a hidden pocket that can hold your ID, money, credit cards, or key. You understand that the sole of these shoes comes apart and you store your money there. Get smart where are you?

UnderTech UnderCover Travel Safe Shorts are part of an endless line of pickpocket-proof clothing for men and women. This is in reality a pair of underwear (pardon us, hehehehehe) with 8 hidden pockets. Don’t say we didn’t keep you safe.

The Ukraine is quickly descending into a civil war. One city after the next are being overrun by pro-Russian thugs. It’s getting very ugly over there and we wonder what the 35 or so Chabad houses are doing. They were very successful and very popular. It looks like they may have to leave for a while…hopefully a short while. Everyone is complaining about our weather. Stop complaining. Did you see those killer tornadoes in the United States in tornado alley? Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Iowa were all affected. That’s about 70 million people. At least with a snowstorm we have warnings and can sit and watch till it stops. Tornadoes just come in like a speeding freight train so fast that people just have time enough to run for cover in some basement. The pictures show scenes of utter devastation. We hope this ends for them quickly.

We’ll talk…

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