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Guilty As Charged. Yes Blanche, There is Justice in the World.

Blanche, lest you think that there is no justice in the world, think again. Sometimes, the legal system does work, no matter how big a movie star is on trial. At long last, Bill Cosby has been found guilty of drugging and molesting the three women in his current trial. There are over 50 more women who have come forward.

After he was found guilty, his lawyers were trying to get him released on bail until final sentencing rather having him wait in jail like everybody else. The banter went back and forth and Cosby began to swear at the judge. Here’s a surprise for Cosby: his sense of entitlement is a thing of the past.

He is a fraud, a disgusting, deceitful predator who needs to spend the rest of his life contemplating on what he did to those women. His wife, who no doubt was complicit in what went on as many of the assaults took place in her home, also needs to spend some incarcerated. Bravo to the jury on this one.

Justin Trudeau is also going to get his day. He sees no problem with a Canada Summer Jobs grant that will fund anti-pipeline activism, arguing his government must stand up for the principle of free expression and advocacy. Spare me.

This edict is brought to you by the same government who requires students applying for summer jobs to agree they adhere to pro-choice. If that little box is not ticked off, one’s application is null and void. Have patience peeps. Trudeau will get his just desserts.

Could someone please enlighten Montreal’s mayor Valerie Plante that we have something called winter in this city? And that it runs from, oh, November until at least mid-April.

Her genius idea to make car traffic on St. Catherine limited to one lane between Mansfield and Bleury Sts., with another lane reserved only for deliveries is nothing short of insanity. Wait. It’s not short of insanity, it is insanity.

Who exactly is going to take up the challenge of venturing downtown in December, January, February or March because St. Catherine is more friendly to pedestrians? Let’s see…five people?

Why would one go downtown where Plante has just eliminated three-quarters of the parking spots when they can go to a mall and park a two minute walk from the doors in less than five minutes?

In one fell swoop she has signalled the death knell for downtown Montreal. She better be careful or this could wind up being her biggest legacy. Nothing to be proud of and she would be beat Drapeau’s Big Owe.

Who knew we would be on the same page as Kanye West? Here’s the tweet that is driving lefties out of their minds:

You don’t have to agree with Trump but the mob can’t make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don’t agree with everything anyone does. That’s what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought.

It’s just amazing that if one doesn’t agree with Democrat liberal, tree-huggers, one has lost their mind. Here’s a headline: Hillary would have been the exact same as Trump only she would have stabbed you in the back with a smile.

Reading the many articles about the horrific events in Toronto this week, including the absolutely pathetic seven-year old little boy who is now an orphan, one could not help but shake their head.

There is no doubt that many people (we won’t say most) wanted this latest attack to the one of a jihadist, linked to some kind of religious cause. Such is not the case. As per Barbara Kaye’s article in the National Post today, the cause is the mentally chaotic mind of one on person.

It is much more difficult to wrap one’s head around that than a whole ideology which encompasses millions of people. Jidhadists are included in this latest attack because it was their modus operandi that the killer used.

Is it time to ban all rental trucks? How exactly is one supposed to vet people who rent trucks, especially as in this case the dude looked normal, which obviously he was very far from. We certainly can’t stop living but as we drove down a busy street the other day, we could not help but look at all the people on the sidewalks going about their daily business – same as those in Toronto.

Amazon continues to outperform itself. Their stocks are going through the roof and we are part of the reason.

About a month ago, we needed some pillowcases. Not a big deal but we didn’t want to run from store to store so we went online to The Bay. In the search section of the home section we typed pillow cases. 492 items popped up. Not only was the selection daunting, the prices were in the moon – $180 for two pillow cases? Get a grip.

In the comfort of our kitchen, we perused In two minutes we found said pillowcases for $16.95. They were ordered and delivered within 3 business days, washed, ironed with starch and sit proudly on our pillows.

We emailed the Bay and suggested they seriously upgrade their website. We received a curt, short and useless answer. Last year they laid off 2000 people and closed countless stores while Amazon is laughing all the way to the bank. Time for these old stores to get in the game or they will disappear… poof!

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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