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How the Dynamic Duo Bill and Hillary Threw Monica Lewinsky to the Dogs

Today marks two anniversaries: The start of the six-day war in Israel and the assassination of Robert Kennedy in the Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles.

As we have been harping the past few weeks, Justin Trudeau is simply over his head in his job as prime minister of Canada. Coupled with the fact that he had to negotiate with Trump on the NAFTA deal, we were doomed before we even began. Not that we are gloating, but finally, what we have been saying all along is coming out in the open.

This past Sunday Trudeau appeared on Meet the Press, taking his grievances directly to the Americans. Unfortunately he failed in his quest, to put it mildly. One comment about his appearance says it all: Condescending hypocrite. Ooooh, that’s nasty.

Neither Trudeau, Freeland nor any of his advisors knows how to ‘play’ Trump. Trudeau used the word insulting when referring to Trump’s reason for the tariffs now imposed. His brainless ‘chief negotiator’ Chrysta Freeland said Canadians were ‘hurt and insulted’ by Trump. These statements dug them deeper into the hole they now find themselves and play right into Trump’s game. Stupid people.

And in case Trudeau sticking only one foot  into his mouth was not enough, he changed feet  and now has the hopefully soon-to-be-gone Canadian dairy board angry with him.

On Meet the Press, Trudeau acknowledged that the US wants more ‘access on certain agricultural products like dairy to Canada.” You can only imagine how ticked off the dairy board is. As far as they are concerned, Trudeau threw them to the dogs. Being the weasel that he is, Trudeau deflected comments on his statement to his agricultural minister.

Here’s a headline to the dairy board: The party’s over as is supply and management. Free trade applies to everyone, including the dairy farmers and yes, us  Canadians who actually do the buying of said goods.

Bill Clinton is one disgusting person, as is, by the way, his wonderful wife Hillary. Much to their mutual chagrin,  the Monica Lewinsky affair will haunt them both till their dying days.

In a recent interview, Clinton said that he did not owe Lewinsky an apology. He went on to say that he left the presidency financially ruined because of the costs associated with the legal consequences of his actions. That he’s a victim since he was $16 million in debt when he left the White House. Don’t start a go-fund me page for the Clintons. Today they are worth a cool $80 million.

Not only did the Clinton throw Lewinsky under the bus, so the did that very special feminist movement who sided with both the Democrats and the Clintons. A twenty-two years old Lewinsky was left to fend for herself after being used by an older man with a lot of power.

There is a long list of women used in the life of Bill Clinton, not including Hillary. We are hearing Trump-haters squealing. Calm down. Neither is good. The difference with Bill Clinton is that his wife knew of his indiscretions and took care of the women herself. And then she hopped  on the #metoo bandwagon. That is disgusting.

As of today in Montreal, those thin plastic bags are a thing of the past. It is illegal to use them and merchants will be fined heavily if they do. Just saying.

Update: Donald Trump’s leading economic adviser says the president wants to strike separate, bilateral trade deals with Canada and Mexico rather than continue renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement.

We usually don’t report this kind of stuff, but, well, it’s pretty shocking. Kate Spade committed suicide today in her apartment. Sad ending to a very talented woman.

Trump told the super bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles to stay home and not come to the White House today. It seems that only ten members of their team were going anyway.

All of this has to do with the kneeling during the national anthem. Now, NBA stars LeBron James and Steph Curry both backed the Philadelphia Eagles in their decision not to visit the White House in celebration of their championship win Tuesday, adding that neither the Cleveland Cavaliers nor the Golden State Warriors — whoever wins the NBA Finals — would go to D.C. if invited.

Here’s a headline for spoiled brat super-stars: stay home. Trump may not use the best ways to stand up to these dudes, but at least he is not cow-towing to their whims. Kudos.

Blanche, don’t you find it funny that they announced, so far in advance, where the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un will be taking place? It will be held in the Capella Hotel on Singapore’s Sentosa Island. One would think they would keep the location a secret as long as they can. One would think…

We’ll talk…

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