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How the Liberal Left is Sanitizing Language and Behaviour because it is O.F.F.E.N.S.I.V.E.

This comes out of San Francisco, which is certainly no surprise. A convicted felon or an offender released from jail will now be a ‘formerly incarcerated person’ or a ‘justice-involved’ person or, and this is the best one – a ‘returning resident’. Why? Because they don’t want to offend anyone. 

The ‘anyone’s’ we are talking about this time are convicted murderers, thieves, fraud artists, you name it.

So Melville goes to jail for robbing a number of houses, hopefully without beating up the residents with a baseball bat and when he comes out, he will now be called a justice involved person. Can we talk?

This goes along with parents allowing five-year-olds to decide that they no longer identify as the gender they were born. I was a boy and now I feel like I’m a girl and so the parents, instead of ignoring the kid because he’s five, pander to him. Oh, you poor dear. Of course darling you can be a girl.

There are no words for the idiocy of these people.

So collusion with the Russians didn’t stick. Nor did trying to tie him in with Epstein. The latest try? Donald Trump is an anti-semite. If Trump’s an anti-Semite, then we’re with him.

Why was he called an anti-semite? Because he said what should have been said months ago:

Democratic Jews who pander to or worse, pretend the the four virulent, hate-filled women who want Israel in the ocean and all Jews gone from the face of the earth need to be called out.  Trump’s an anti-semite? No, he’s  telling it like it is.

It gets better. Thomas Mulcair, our one and only English radio station’s political pundit agreed with all the bleeding heart liberals. Donald Trump is an anti-semite. Who is he to say this?

Why didn’t he call out Tlaib and ask publicly  why she didn’t go to Israel with the Democratic delegation weeks ago? Why didn’t he question the fact that she cried over not seeing her grandmother and when Israel relented and said she could go to Gaza to see her but had to keep her mouth shut, refused to go? Why didn’t he say that she hates Jews more than she loves her grandmother?

Infuriating would be the operative word here.

Of the many self-hating Jews we have heard from in the US recently, Jerrold Nadler sits on the top, followed by all the other liberal self-hating Jews who have lost their kahoonas and cannot call out these women for what they are.

And here’s the final headline on this: When asked to identify ourselves we are first a Jew and second a Canadian. In that order. And when someone goes after Jews for simply being Jews, like those four women are doing, they should incur the wrath of every Jew – liberal or conservative.

Blanche, did you know that Sue Montgomery, the very green, I love-the turtles-stars -planets-trees-hates cars mayor of the borough of Cote des Neiges and NDG is still knitting during council meetings?

Wait a minute. Isn’t Madame Montgomery an elected official? Doesn’t she have to pay attention at said council meetings? Blanche, you’re being very picky.

In fact, Montgomery is so disdainful of the citizens that elected her that despite the backlash when people heard she was knitting at council meetings to prove that men speak longer than women (and who except her cares), she gave everyone the middle finger and is continuing to do exactly as she pleases. Your tax dollars and elected official at work.

In case you weren’t worrying about Biden’s mental capacity given all his recent gaffes and the fact that his handlers are trying to diminish his public speaking engagements, you can now begin worrying.

Biden’s brain surgeon ‘suddenly’  came out of the woodwork and publicly told people that Biden’s brain is perfect. Seems about 30 years ago Biden had two brain aneurysms which Dr. Kassell successfully removed.

He said, and we quote: ‘He’s as sharp as he was 31 years ago”, assuring people that the hemorrhage and subsequent operations did not result in any brain damage.

So here’s the deal. No one is saying that previous operations resulted in any brain damage. What people are questioning is his memory loss, confusion and extremely odd comments.

While his gaffes are way to numerous for this blog, here’s the one we thought spoke volumes:  He confused former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for Theresa May twice since May.  Margaret Thatcher has not been Prime Minister of Great Britain since 1992.

Bringing out a brain surgeon to put people at ease regarding Biden’s mental capacity does one thing and one thing only: It rings alarm bells.

Montreal is one of a few cities who now have e-scooters that can be rented. These babies can go up to  20 km per hour. The deal was people who rented them had to be a) wearing helmets and b) parking them in proper places. Guess what? This is not what’s happening.

People who have never tried an electric scooter are not only renting them, but not wearing helmets. First-time users were supposed to first watch a training video before renting said scooters. Guess what? They didn’t watch the video.

Now guess the next part…yes they have more injuries than those who rent bicycles. Seems 33% of first-time users were injured.

Hey, maybe Sue Montgomery wants to rent one of these scooters. That way she could get to her council meetings earlier and do more knitting.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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