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I’ve Been Through the Desert on a Horse with no Name

In case you were wondering about all those  people sleeping in New York airports, wonder no more. What’s that Blanche, you never noticed them? Well then, you best be reading this. Many of them are homeless and have found interesting sleeping arrangements in the airport. Hey, it’s warm, no one bothers them, they can spread out on a few chairs and bob’s your uncle.

We used to find it odd to see people out cold in some waiting areas. Well, Blanche, now ya know. One dude has been sleeping in the airport for about 20 years. Who knew?

Not that we want to panic anyone, but in case you haven’t noticed, there have been quite a few more plane crashes this year than last year. One of course was never solved, one was shot down in the Ukraine and this latest one is a huge mystery. The plane was descending for eight minutes and no one ever received a distress signal or call? Something smells here.

Those student protests have begun again in Montreal. Spoiled, petulant brats blocking traffic and causing havoc instead of going to school. What exactly do they want this time around? Not a cut in school fees. No Blanche, they want the province to undo spending cuts and put a moratorium on all fossil fuel development. What? Here’s a heads-up to them: If they want a vacation or have not studied for their exams and want an exemption, then just say so.

Protesting and marching against fossil fuel? Bring out the police and put a stop to this post haste. Those protests are not going to get them anything but a heavy-handed push-back by the police. Ya know what? Three cheers for the police. And one more thing: Premier Couillard said no extension on the final semester. Good for him. He shouldn’t say another word about it.

So who is Ted Cruz who already announced he’s running for President? Vell, he was born in Canada to an American mother and Cuban father. To be able to run for office, he had to denounce his Canadian citizenship, which he did last year. He’s a right of right Republican, beloved by the somewhat nutty tea party.

He’s pro-life, a gun supporter and thinks that the NSA, National Security Agency is not doing enough to monitor people who need monitoring. He’s also most likely not winning the election and will quietly ride back to Texas on a horse with no name.

We are certainly no fashionista, but Michelle Obama’s outfits when in Japan were, shall we say, not flattering to say the least, from hunger at best. Discreet is not in her vocabulary if she’s wearing a screaming bright red, orange and yellow mammoth print outfit – sleeveless of course.

Hey, she may be the nicest person around, but her taste in clothing is the furthest thing from elegant that we’ve ever seen. Someone should introduce her to Kate Middleton. Even at full term in her pregnancy she exudes grace. Blanche, wake up. Ya either have it or ya don’t. Move on.

Can we talk about Starbucks and its CEO Howard Shulz? Ya know Blanche, sometimes people are so smart that they outsmart themselves.

A week ago Shulz decided that those serving coffee in his establishments – of which there are many – should strike up conversations about racial issues with customers. Is he crazy? Did you ever see a busy Starbucks, say around 8:45 am? Who exactly is stopping to ask the dude next to him if he’s happy being Chinese? Or Black? Or Jewish? Or Hispanic. Shulz is a bored soul. He gave this brilliant scheme up after only one week. Someone must have knocked some sense into his head or poured him a strong cup of java laced with vodka.

We’ll talk…

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