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Impeachment is the Olympics of Washington

Teflon Trump has that moniker for a good reason. When his enemies think they ‘got him’, he wipes himself down and just like teflon, returns as good as new, ready to slide into the next crisis.

According to one source, impeachment is the Olympics of Washington and everyone knows that Donald Trump loves a good fight. And just like those nutty wrestling matches on TV which are preordained, this impeachment business is the same.

He’s going to win this bout and come back to make it his biggest election campaign trophy. Watch out Trump naysayers, he’s coming back for another four years.

Blanche, you know how when a new government is elected, taking over from the old government and they look at the books and say, “Wow, we didn’t know things were so bad.”  Justin Trudeau won the election and is back in government but he is fittingly able to repeat the same drivel as if he was new in power: Wow, we didn’t know the books were so bad. His promises during the election campaign – affordable child-care, make post-secondary education more affordable, increase Employment Insurance benefits, raise Old Age Security payments, make homes more energy efficient and, our personal favourite,  teach young immigrants how to camp are, as the saying goes, dust in the wind. What are they going to do with all those sleeping bags?

Yes dearies, everyone didn’t like Andrew Scheer so Justin got back into power and now what? You are getting nothing of what he promised because…his government is running on billions of dollars of deficit – overspending. Or, in Justin’s world, spending OPM – other people’s money.

Let’s pray the Conservative party picks a leader soon and it better be someone with experience. You can put your money on this: As soon as a new leader is chosen, Justin is going to call a snap election and not give the new leader even 10 minutes to warm the chair in his office.

Back to the impeachment business for a minute. CNN, certainly no lover of Donald Trump, reluctantly released a poll recently showing that the Democrats are getting, pardon the pun, trumped by their own hand.

We won’t bore you with numbers, rather give you the bottom line: Support for impeachment and removal among Democrats has dipped from 90% in November to 77% now.

Trump’s dream is to bring the impeachment trial to the Senate and then call tens of witnesses, dragging it out far past the February primaries for the race to lead the democrat party.

That would be good news for Biden as he would be off the front pages and could make as many gaffes as he wants and no one would know. Of course it’s also bad news because everyone will be watching the trial and ignoring the race.

Here’s a good one: With the possibility of Biden winning the nomination, the left of left liberals in the Democratic Party are floating the following scenario: Split the party and put their own slate up with a Sanders/Warren ticket. Let’s guess – AOC would be the Secretary of State. 

If that ever came to fruition, you can be absolutely certain that Donald Trump would win with a landslide victory.

Valerie Plante is not a bad person…she’s just not in touch with reality. Why would she name the new REM station, located in the heart of the  Irish district of Montreal after Bernard Landry, a staunch French Canadian? To tick people off? If so, she has succeeded beyond her wildest dreams.

When confronted with the issue of  naming this station she responded: “I’m the mayor of social cohesion and discussion, and so much the better if there is a lively discussion between the communities that built Montreal, both francophone and anglophone.”

In other words, put it where the sun don’t shine because I’m the boss. And that is why she is perceived as almost as arrogant as Denis Coderre. Give her time and she may even reach his level of arrogance, if not surpass it.

And while we are on the subject of incompetence, here’s something else to chew on. Currently being built on a massive plot of land in a relatively quiet suburb of Montreal is a massive project including a mall, residences and office space. The problem is the road infrastructure in the area is woefully, wildly and completely out of date and will be unable to deal with or accommodate the huge influx of cars, buses, Ubers, taxis, delivery trucks etc entering and exiting this project.

Where is Mayor Plante in all of this? Does she have no say at all in the grandiose machinations of her municipalities? If the answer is no, then there’s something very wrong with this picture as there should be a higher authority to stop this kind of irresponsible building.

If the answer is yes and she decided to mix out, then she will bear the brunt of the responsibility for the unbearable traffic woes that will ensue when this behemoth is built.

Another day, another power failure in Montreal. The reason yet again: equipment failure. As we have said here on many occasions, it appears that the same people doing the road paving and using inferior products built the Hydro power lines as they break down as often as we see potholes on the streets.

Of course, the difference between the two is that you simply swerve away from the pothole while the power failure stops you dead in your tracks. Businesses have to close, the house gets cold, one can’t cook, shower etc.

This time it was the Hampstead power station that broke down… again. Can we talk here? We have had our power cut more times than we can remember so that Hydro can ‘fix’ things in Hampstead. Either the fixermen need to go back to school or the products they are using need to be upgraded or, imagine this, bought from a reliable source, not someone’s brother-in-law.

As we said in our last report, we are in Israel. Our flight on Sunday was supposed to leave at 4:50 pm. Got those two words supposed to?

At 5:00 pm, after every seat in the plane was filled, there was an announcement that there was a problem with the meals on the plane. It seems that the number of meals did not coincide with the number of people.

Air Canada blamed Gate Gourmet, who supplies said meals. However, we were told that Air Canada instituted a new program in their computer system which seemingly only recognizes kosher meals.

So, if you were a vegan, vegetarian, diabetic or whatever, there were no meals on the plane for your 10 hour flight over the ocean.

It took almost 2 1/2 hours for the extra meals to be cooked, wrapped, sealed, trucked over and delivered to the plane. We finally took off at 7:30 pm. Way to go Air Canada.

We’ll talk…

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