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We can no longer worry about the poor, oppressed black man or the ukranians. We need to band together, as one cohesive people and worry about ourselves. As one people with one heart and one soul.

Tomorrow is Shabbos. Light candles. Go to your synagogue. Do not cower in fear in your home. Be together with G-d because after all is said and done that's all we have right now. Each other and G-d.

Can someone please explain why Israel is being blamed for the 'humanitarian crisis' on the gaza borders? Why is it that no arab country will open their borders to those people?

Can someone please explain why 10 seconds after the hospital in gaza was bombed everyone knew a) how many people were killed and b) that Israel did it? This includes Justin, our gnat-brained prime minister and Montreal's one and only English radio station.

Remember what arabs did on October 7. They burned, massacred, mutilated, hung, butchered Jewish men, women and children.

Know that if you are a Jew, we have only ourselves to lean on. Nobody else cares. Not even those who love turtles. In fact, they love turtles and care more about saving them than they do about the Jews.

Yes, everyone was appalled almost 2 weeks ago when the world found out what atrocities hamas had done. But it took less than 2 weeks for the tide to start turning on Israel and the Jews again.

Jewish people can no longer live in their liberal bubble.

Israel Police chief Yaakov Shabtai threatened yesterday to deport Arab Israelis to the Gaza Strip if they show support for Palestinians there.

“Whoever wants to be a citizen of Israel, welcome. Anyone who wants to identify with Gaza is welcome to do so and I’ll put them on buses that will send them there, I’ll help them get there."

Same here in the diaspora. A day of rage against Israel in Times Square? The Jews are not committing crimes against humanity. It's a lie and everyone knows it. Sadly, our weak-kneed leaders are cowering under their desks with no kahoonas to tell the truth.

You want to help your 'brothers' in gaza? Get on a plane like Jews the world over are doing to go to Israel and fly to gaza. The rallies taking place here in Montreal and in other cities should be permanently banned.

Then there are is the republican party who is so dysfunctional they are making the democrats look functional.

They allowed a hothead named Matt Gaetz to oust the speaker of the house. Then they put forth one of the most despicable, useless and despised republicans by the name of Jim Jordan to run for speaker.

Jordan has been in Congress for 16 years, and he has almost nothing to show for it. He’s never originated any successful legislation, never accomplished anything except for appearing on Fox.

Jordan and his colleagues like Jim Jordan are poor leaders but good politicians. They deliver what their voters really want: show trials and passion plays, and, mostly, to see other people unsettled and angry.

These citizens vote not for determined legislators with complicated plans—that stuff is just so boring—but for entertaining rogues who can liven up the Fox prime-time hours.

Sadly, the US is now reaping the rewards of their dysfunction. And will continue to do so if the republicans continue on this route. The result will be Biden elected for another term or, perish the thought, Kamala Harris becoming president.

Justin's fiascos keep coming back to bite him.

Canada’s foreign minister, the illustrious Melanie Joly, said today that we have recalled 41 of its diplomats from India after the Indian government said it would revoke their diplomatic immunity, escalating a spat over the slaying of a Sikh separatist in Canada.

Why? Because over a month ago Justin accused India of sending terrorists to murder a Canadian Sikh but never went further with the allegations. It appears it is true. If so, why is Justin not taking this to the end, confronting India and Modi with proof and moving on?

Because Justin is again over his head. Pathetic.

The czar legault may have bitten off more than he can chew. In his irrational anger at losing a seat to the separatist PQ party, he is now becoming more separatist than the separatists. He is showing his base that he can outdo his own people at their game while, believe it or not, shooting himself in the foot at the same time.

We speak of doubling tuition for foreign students in English universities. Did you know that Montreal and Boston have the most honorable reputation in terms of universities in all of North America?

Did you know that speaking English while walking on the street is diminishing the growth of french here in la belle province? Blanche, you simply cannot make this stupidity up.

The only thing that will stop the czar on his latest useless crusade is international embarrassment. When other cities and countries call him what he is - a small-minded, angry and vindictive aging politician, perhaps then he will back down from this.

And Pascal Dery parroting this stupidity? She has thrown the anglo community - where she lives by the way - under the bus for her own personal gain. It will come back and bite her. She is disgusting.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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thank you again for an excellent commentary on what is going on here and in israel,

joe biden gave a very good speech, but he should have just said

return the hostages, or else!

israel and the jews have been threatened,

the US should return the threat with action,

thank you,


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