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So there was a march on Saturday against Bill 96. Never mind that it’s a big whoop at this point in the game and they are about 6 months too late to do anything about this bill. No, that wasn’t the issue. Can anyone fathom that David Birnbaum, who literally threw the English community under the bus had the gall to show up there? Clearly the man has not a hint of self-awareness. Zero. People should now like him because he voted against Bill 96?

And the leader of the party, Dominque Anglade was pictured crying from one of the speeches? Crying? You are the leader of a provincial political  party and that requires leadership skills of which she obviously has none. Get a grip girl.  She and Birnbaum deserve each other and we hope after the election in October she quickly resigns.

As for Birnbaum, he’s a piece of work and an embarrassment to all English speaking quebecers.

The horrific shooting in Buffalo of 11 black people and 2 white people is one of over a hundred mass shootings this year in the USA. Can we talk?

Gun control is not going to solve this issue. People who want to commit these kinds of crimes always find a way to get a gun. No that’s not the issue. The real issue is the purposeless lives of young men.

This kid (he’s 18 years old) was not born hating people. He was a baby, then a toddler, then a pre-teen and then a teen. Where exactly did the wheels start to fall off? At 15? 16? 17? And where were his parents?

Did they not know their son was locked up in his room for hours and hours, if not days on white supremacist websites? That he idolized other mass shooters? Were they afraid to parent? Were they afraid of their son? This kid wrote a 180 page manifesto. 180 pages. That takes a very, very long time. Where were his parents while he was doing that?

Guns are a small part of this problem. Young men who have no purpose in life are the issue here. They find places on the internet where suddenly they have a purpose in life – hating other people.

Whether it’s too many black people or too many Jewish people, or too many Chinese people – take your pick, they suddenly find a reason for why they were born – to viciously murder innocent people. That is the sickness that ails the USA. Stop with the useless rhetoric and start fixing the problem. Unfortunately, that requires leadership and even more unfortunately, there is no one home.

By now everyone knows that Canadian airports, particularly Pearson in Toronto are a literal nightmare. People are being kept on planes for over an hour after they land because there isn’t physically enough space to hold the lineups of travelers. The reason for the hours long waits stems directly from Justin and the federal government.

Yes, it’s a lack of personnel, but why is the question. Random tests and public health questions at customs are the main cause for the serious delays passengers face when they arrive in Canada.

The extra steps means it takes four times longer to process people as they arrive than it did before the pandemic.

The Canadian Airports Council said that airports are simply not designed for customs to be such a lengthy process and the space is not available to accommodate people. The airport is also not the right place for COVID-19 tests, a spokesperson said, especially since tests are rarely required in the community.

Again this is a case of zero accountability and no skin in the game. Do you think Justin stands in line at Pearson for three hours only to find out he missed his flight?  No he doesn’t. He gets on his private plane and flies wherever and whenever he wants. Let them eat cake.

We have never commented on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition cover. It’s not a magazine that we read. This year is different. No, we’re still not going to read it, but, for the first time, SI put a plus size model on the front cover. Kudos to them.

Jordan Peterson, no less a Canadian clinical psychologist was not happy with the choice of a rubanesque – or in his eyes – a fat woman. We are guessing that he would have preferred someone rake thin. He body-shamed her, saying she was not beautiful, clearly implying that she did not deserve to be on the cover of said magazine.

Peterson has had to quit Twitter because of the backlash. You know Blanche, when people such as Peterson make these kinds of comments, one has to wonder who he really is. Is he not aware of the millions of young women have eating disorders in order to be, what they deem society wants – unnaturally thin. A psychologist? He needs one. And a piece of tape to keep his big mouth shut.

Remember democratic representative Rashida Tlaib? She is one of the ‘squad’, and an out-right anti-Semite. On Monday, Tlaib came up with a novel way to alienate one of the last remaining fervent Democratic voters – American Jews, introducing a House Resolution Recognizing the Nakba and Palestinian Refugees’ Rights. That day would be in the United States of America.

What is nakba? Here’s a short history lesson: Nakba means catastrophe and was first coined by Konstantin Zoreik, a Syrian professor of Oriental Studies at the American University in Beirut, in his 1948 book, “Maana Al-Nakba” (“The Meaning of the Catastrophe).

Zoreik, who wrote his book during the Israeli War of Independence, originally referred to the military failure of the invading armies of seven Arab countries to annihilate the fledgling Israel in 1948.

In 1948 most of the Arabs fled on their own, many believing they would return to their homes with the victorious Arab armies. It didn’t quite work out that way as history shows. Israel won the war and those Arabs are still waiting to return. What began as a day to commemorate the shame of the Arab armies has morphed into a day to hate Israel. What else is new?

To all those who voted for Obama, then Biden, know that Tlaib comes with that package. Including her virulent anti-Semitic resolution.

Prince Charles and Camilla are in Canada representing the Queen during the 70 year celebration of her reign. While we are fond the Queen and fond of Prince William, Charles…not at all. We hold out hope that the Queen will bounce over Charles and go straight to William to replace her.

And Camilla? Let’s just say someone forgot to tell her that Canada is not the Arctic and in May she doesn’t need to wear a fur hat. Sheesh.

We’ll talk…

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