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There is a parliamentary committee examining the use of the emergency act during the time the truckers were in Ottawa in February and March. If you recall, Justin and his cabinet were hiding away, cowering in fear that said truckers were going to overthrow the government. Really? Can we talk?

Aside from  one or two yahoos, the rest of the truckers were  regular joes taking part in what was called the Freedom convoy. In fact, they were representing millions of Canadians as all along their route – on every overpass – there were people cheering them on.

Emergency Preparedness minister Bill Blair said the police told him they needed more tools to end the occupation. What they wanted was more policemen. Not the emergency act.

Public Safety minister Marco Mendicino said that the police suggested many times they wanted the act invoked. The police are saying they never said that. It appears that Mendicino is going to be the fall guy for this.

As we heard Justin is buzzing out of Ottawa on some manufactured world tour at the end of the month so our guess is that he will dissolve parliament for the summer before this parliamentary committee is done with its work. As always, he’s  hoping that everyone will forget what an incompetent government he has, starting with him.

Now would you look at that. Anthony Fauci – four times vaccinated, 100% mask wearing (at least when he knows pictures are being taken), Mr. Keep the US Safe – tested positive for covid. We wish him a complete and speedy recovery. 

This is a good one. Texas and Arizona have had it with Washington ignoring the illegal immigrants entering their states. So what did they do?

Between Texas and Arizona, they sent buses carrying more than 2,500 migrants to Washington since mid-April.

As both states said…This is a problem caused by Washington. We’re bringing it to Washington, and we expect Washington to foot the bill. They are giving Biden the privilege to address the needs of the people that they are allowing to come across the border. Perfect.

Oh yes. Nobody is vaccinated. That’s how you get into the US without a vaccine. Take note.

In the timing-is-everything-department, our new Governor General, Mary Simon, who seemed to be a somewhat normal person when she was sworn in, spent nearly $100,000 on a catering bill during flights to and from the Middle East from March 16 to 24.

Simon and her 29 ‘guests’, who travelled to London, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and back, spent $93,117.89 on board the government’s CC-150 Polaris aircraft. Blanche, that would be a private plane.

The cost of fuel for the trip came in at $248,127.02. Wait. It gets better. Justin, his sidekick Chrystia Freeland and his 58 ‘guests’ amassed $57,401.56 in catering costs while traveling to London, Riga, Berlin, Warsaw, and back between March 5 and March 11. Their fuel bill was $195,265.47. Nothing like leaving a carbon footprint the size of big-foot.

There is no doubt that  in Justin’s little brain there is a  a great divide between who he deems as his friends and the little peeps. He and they are  entitled, the rest of us are not. He is important, we are not. His creature comforts count. Ours don’t.

As for Simon, while she may have started out with good intentions, look how quickly she figured out the system. And what is that system? Spending OPM – other people’s money. Again…your tax dollars at work.

Like him or not, Trump set up his Vice President Pence. He basically threw him to the dogs by inciting an already incited crowd, saying he refused to stop the transfer of power on January 6. 

No matter how hard Trump tried, Pence refused to do what he asked of him. So on January 6, with thousands of people chomping at the bit to get the capitol building, and knowing Pence was inside that building, Trump said Pence would not listen to him. It was time to take matters into their own hands.

Sorry to say that is insanity. There is no doubt whatsoever that if the crowd had gotten hold of Pence, they would have killed him. Again…we are ready for Ron DeSantis to run for president.

Can someone please send a memo to the Montreal Gazette to stop publishing covid deaths? It’s enough. Unless of course there’s no other news. And one more thing.

Having the federal government threaten us with lockdowns and more curfews in the fall if covid comes back is disgusting. If and when there’s another uprising, we’ll deal with it then. What’s the point of frightening already frightened people? None.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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