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Justin has what to be nervous about with Poilievre's massive win as leader of the conservative party.

Never mind that he (Justin) can't say a word without a script and never mind that he can't even read that script properly.

Blanche, we can't wait until question period in parliament when Poilievre goes after Trudeau with both guns blazing and Justin has no script. Now that's going to be a show to watch.

Let's take bets that Justin will keep parliament on zoom for as long as he can so he won't have to be there in person. Who is he keeping safe? We bet that until he gets unbearable pressure to do so, he will stay hunkered down in a cave somewhere.

We are of an age to be monarchists. Young people are not. To them, the Queen was an old lady living in England. We're betting that they don't even know Canada is part of the Commonwealth.

Given the above, we are not in agreement with Justin calling for Monday September 19 to be a federal holiday here in Canada. It is the day the Queen will be buried. Instead he could have called for a moment of silence on Monday. Let him go to the funeral and represent the country.

Of course Quebec, who doesn't observe Victoria day, is having none of this federal holiday business on Monday for the Queen.

The Chinese government is beyond horrific. Do you know that when they 'lockdown' a city, they nail the door on your house shut so you can't get out? Whatever food you have is whatever food you eat for however long those sickos determine the lockdown will last.

What? You ran out of food. Starve. What? Someone needs a hospital? Suck it up. Xi Jinping is set for his third five year term to 'lead' the country. Like someone elected him. He wants a zero-covid country. That's like asking for a zero-flu country. It doesn't exist and never will.

Jean Charest sat at the conservative convention on Saturday night like he was sucking a lemon. Seriously, did he really think he was going to win? Or even come in a close second?

Two things to note: People close to him either sold him a bill of goods or completely misread the population.

Secondly, as a seasoned politician, he wasn't able to control himself when he saw he was going to lose? Not very mature.

Those who run the Boston marathon have gone 1000% in on the woke bs. They have created new guidelines for 2023 that will allow runners to register as “non-binary athletes.”

Now you are asking what is a non-binary athlete. We'll tell you: Nonbinary is a term that describes someone who does not identify exclusively as a man or a woman.

Instead, a nonbinary person may define their gender identity and experience outside of these binary terms. Wait, it gets better. Here's how the marathon described non-binary: This identity is distinguishable from a person’s sexual orientation and sex assigned at birth.

Sex 'assigned' at birth? What the h.ll is that? That's like telling someone not to be so white.

Someone is a boy or someone is a girl. You cannot, no matter how much you think or try or pretend or pray or use the other loo be a gender you are not. You either sit or stand.

Who are the organizers trying to appease? The woke culture geniuses will never be satisfied no matter how much you suck up to their lunacy. Let's just hope this whole woke bs ends much sooner than later.

Then there's the czar aka king legault who keeps trying to say he's not a racist when in fact he is absolutely one. He's as white and pure-laine as they come and cannot nor does not want to understand anyone of color, any religion other than catholic and anyone who doesn't speak french.

He spoke to his base in Drummondville Quebec where anything but poutine and churches are out of context. He said that 'too many non-francophone immigrants are now a threat to 'social cohesion'. What does that mean?

That Quebec should only be white, catholic and french-speaking? Bon chance voting for him.

We just flew back from Israel. While in the airport in Tel Aviv we saw a sign - posted at only one airline - Air Canada. It was taped to the plastic window in front of the agent: Note that on all Air Canada flights you must wear a mask.

We will tell you that there are many, many airlines at Ben Gurion Airport. The only one that requires a mask is Air Canada. Now read this next part.

We arrived late to Montreal - a regular occurance with Air Canada and because of that we had no gate upon arrival.

We had to wear a mask on the 11 hour flight where no one is walking around and there is a hepa-filter on the plane. Half the people were wearing cloth masks which do absolutely nothing to protect you from anything.

Because we had no gate we were forced to take a bus from the end of the runway to the airport building where, to do that, Air Canada stuffed the entire planeload of people onto 2 buses - no masks required. Does that make any sense? None.

One of the flight attendants was squished beside us bemoaning the whole mask mandate he is must enforce on the plane. He hates wearing the mask, despises enforcing it and told us, which we already knew, that there is less than zero medical reason for it.

While at the airport we emailed Justin and asked for the medical reason for the mask mandate on the plane. Did you hear from him? Hey Anthony, maybe you have the answer.

Not everybody views the Queen as someone they can relate to. In Canada, although we are part of the Commonwealth, the Queen remains an elusive and distant figure. So one may ask why she is so revered.

Yes, one of the answers is that she took her job as Queen of England as seriously 70 years into her reign as she did from the first day. We found a quote that sums up why we so respected and admired her:

Six months before her coronation, the queen addressed her country in her first Christmas message:

“I want to ask you all, whatever your religion may be, to pray for me on that day—to pray that God may give me wisdom and strength to carry out the solemn promises I shall be making, and that I may faithfully serve Him and you, all the days of my life.”

And though she may not have been perfect, that is exactly what she did.

We'll talk...

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