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A picture is worth a thousand words. We will remind you that it was Justin who asked the media to stay out of his private life. We agreed. Alas, sunny ways (remember that one?) simply wasn't able to stay out off social media for even a week after his separation announcement.

Here he is taking advantage of the uber-woke Barbie movie to garner votes.

We were listening to the liberal media who were wahwahing that some people still feel Justin deserves his privacy. He's allowed to go to a movie with his son. Indeed he is. But if you want privacy then don't pose for the cameras or put yourself on social media. And if you do, then shut up.

Here's the meaning of privacy which someone should be sending to Justin: the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.

Got that? Free from being observed. That's the real meaning of privacy. Not Justin's version of privacy when it's good for him.

The US women's soccer team are losers both on and off the field. They optimize the woke culture and deserve what they got - an embarrassing loss that put them out of the world cup women's soccer games.

Their biggest star - Megan Rapinoe - who announced this was her last game, missed a critical field goal and was caught on camera laughing. She's supposed to be the role model for the rest of team. Oich in vey - good luck to them if she's their role model.

Blanche, don't you love when losing teams said they played very well, as this genius did. "I thought we played very well and am very happy we went out the way we did." You played well? You lost the game brainwave.

Wait, she had another pearl: "This is a dark comedy - I missed a penalty shot. This is the balance to the beautiful side of the game". What is she talking about?

We'll tell you. She's so busy making an international point of kneeling, not singing the US national anthem and complaining about living the US, that she forgot she's a soccer player.

Any company that is thinking to use her as a spokeswoman for their product better take a good look at what happened to Bud Light and their forage into the woke bs culture. She's a huge turnoff and while she may be a professional soccer player, she's a loser.

We had to buy a new toothbrush for our electric machine. We went to our local pharmacy, checked out the myriad of different kinds of brushes and then went to take our choice off the rack.

Lo and behold, the box was empty. As were all the other boxes. When we inquired as to where to pick up our purchase, the salesperson shook his head. "You picked the most complicated brush an Oral B." Why we asked?

Because the store throws all the full packages into a box and he has to root through every box to find the one I chose. Then I looked around and saw that glass with locks had been built into where the shelves were.

And what was behind that glass? Baby wipes and other baby items. So we guessed that this is what is being stolen along with toothbrushes. What a world we live in. Shreklach.

It is worthy to note that 49 years ago today - August 8, 1974 - Richard Nixon resigned. What a different world we lived in then.

Nixon was his own worst enemy, as Trump is today. In fact, they have a lot in common as neither of them trust anyone. Everyone is out to 'get them'.

The difference is Nixon knew when to walk away and that has eluded Trump. He's ready to take the country down with him. Pretty sad.

We know you are not going to believe this piece, even if it's true. And it is true.

Guess to which channel President Joe Biden granted an interview? The Weather channel.

No, we didn't make this up. It is so insane that even we don't have the bandwidth nor imagination to come up with something so insane. Clearly his handlers know the issues with Biden and the only place that is safe is the weather channel.

Let's bet that he won't be asked about the bombshell testimony of his son's partner in crime Devon Archer, the implosion of Hunter’s sweetheart deal, and cocaine found in the White House.

Wait. Let's not bet because he won't be asked. And that Blanche, is why he is going to the weather channel.

So he can talk about climate change and the hot weather in the summer (a revelation) and maybe what color the flannel underwear he wears in the winter is.

You may not like Ron DeSantis, but he's about the only one out there that is not living in lala land. In fact, he's one of the only normal politicians around.

A major Florida school district, in order to comply with state law, has issued guidance that will bar transgender employees from sharing their preferred pronouns and force trans students and staff to use group restrooms that follow their "biological sex at birth."

Got that? If you were born a boy and go to the bathroom standing up - punkt - you go to the boys bathroom no matter what gender you think you are. And in case you forgot, here's a headline: There are only two genders - boys and girls - no matter how many pronouns you can make up.

Florida passed Bill 1069, in which a student or employee’s sex is defined by their birth sex — “the hormones and genitals present at birth” — not the gender they identify with. What a revelation. What a breath of fresh air.

As a result - transgender employees or contractors may not provide a personal title or pronoun to students which does not correspond [to] the employee’s or contractor’s biological sex at birth.

So - Johnny who is a boy will say he is a boy, teach the students as a boy and go to the boys bathroom and Susan who is a girl, will teach the students as a girl and go to the girls bathroom. Case closed.

And it's about time.

We'll talk...

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