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We are going to weigh in on the issue created by the moderator of the English debate, Shachi Kurl. She is the president of the Angus Reed polling company, ergo we are guessing the reason for her being moderator.

Her questions were preceded by editorials which were totally uncalled for. That was not her purview and should be dealt with for the next debates. But that’s not the issue on the table.

Here is the question that sent both Papa Legault,  Blanchet and that wimp Trudeau off the deep end: “You deny that Quebec has problems with racism yet you defend legislation such as Bills 96 and 21, which marginalize religious minorities, anglophones, and allophones. Quebec is recognized as a distinct society but for those outside the province, please help them understand why your party also supports these discriminatory laws?”

Here’s a headline for Papa Legault, Blanchet and Trudeau – not allowing people with a hijab or kippah to work in government offices or as nurses or professors or  in other professions is not in-your-face racist. No. It’s soft racism, like soft porn. Oh wait. Soft porn? Still porn. Figure out the rest.

The politicians in Quebec find your hijab or kippah offensive and not socialist enough. Blanche, did you know that one of the only reasons the Jewish people stayed Jewish over the thousands of years of persecution is because they kept their language, dress and names?

Papa Legualt’s Bill 96 is not allowing us to keep our dress code because he wants a socialist society with no public display of religion. That is not-so-soft-sell socialism. That is socialism.

One thing we learned a long time ago. When people complain too loudly, it’s because someone hit a raw nerve.  Clearly Kurl did that. Legault, Blanchet and Trudeau blustered way too loudly.  Quebec is soft-core racist at best and although we did not like the tone of Kurl’s question, it was a legitimate one to ask.

You know the song Some People have all the luck? Such is the case in two ridings in Montreal: The first in Westmount where a 23 year old young man by the name of Matthew Kaminski is running for the Conservative party against the Liberal Marc Garneau.

Kaminiski is charming, wise beyond his years, politically inclined since the age of 10 and may actually give Garneau a run for his money. If anyone heard Garneau interviewed about the absolute fiasco  in Afghanistan, there should be no doubt in your mind as to whom to vote for. It was embarrassing and cringe-worthy.

The second is Terry Roberts who is running as a Conservative in the Pierrefonds-Dollard riding against the Liberal candidate Shameer Zuberi who has been hovering very close to being anti-Semitic. Roberts is an army veteran, business executive, and community leader.

Compare this to Zuberi running for Justin’s Liberals, who B’nai Brith condemned as being anti-Semitic. Although he walked back his comments (which we will not post), they are seriously disgusting.

Then there’s the candidate running with the tag line the sky is turning blue and so should you. Seriously? Best it not rain on voting day.

In the nimby (not in my backyard) department, AOC wins the prize. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is one of those people who spout all the right things to do for everyone else, but when it comes to their creature comforts or a chance to hobnob with people who can further their desires,  the rules suddenly change. Miss Robin Hood – take-from-the-rich-and-give-to-the-poor was at the Met Gala where tables could reportedly cost more than $275,000 and individual tickets are priced at around $30,000.

She said she went to the obnoxiously lavish event with the rich elites she so despises because she ‘was actually doing her job as a congresswoman in New York City’. Oh really.

We don’t care how liberal, woke, blm, save-the-whales-turtles-trees and gnats you are. This woman cares for one person. Herself. And if anyone buys anything she says, they need to seek help for the same illness she has.

Many years ago, we used to frequent the quaint city of Burlington Vermont.  It was, in fact, the first American city to allow women to go bare-breasted in the street. Don’t get excited.  Let’s just say some of the ‘girls’ are a bit droopy and floppy. Seriously Blanche. Get a grip.

It turns out that last night the city of Burlington Vermont voted on a resolution to adopt the BDS – Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel. Had it passed, they would have become the first American city to approve such a blatant anti-Semitic measure.

It did not pass by a 6-5 vote. That was not considered a victory by those who opposed the resolution. Where was Bernie Sanders, Mr. Vermont? Silent as usual when it comes the Jews.

A note about the election on Monday night, September 20. It so happens that night is the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. Ergo, we will be offline until Wednesday night. We heard that the results may not be known for a day or two so who knows, maybe we will all be in the same boat, not knowing the outcome.

Easy fast for those who observe Yom Kippur. We will try to get a Blanche out late on Thursday night.

We’ll talk…

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