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Madame Valerie Plante’s Allergy to Cars and Emissions & Why Do We Need Curtis Sliwa of th

Blanche darling, there’s one person you left out in your year end review and that would be our very energetic and very smiley Mayor Valerie Plante, who seems to have an allergic reaction to two words – cars and emissions.

Cars are not going away, which could be quite the revelation to Madame Plante. Emissions are another kettle of fish because there are many different kinds of emissions.

There’s the carbon emission from cars, planes, subways, trains, buses, motorcycles, trucks and anything else that runs on gas. And then there’s the cow emission of methane which, unless the rest of the world stops drinking milk and eating meat will, shall we say, still be rather noisy.  Belching and passing gas are part of their daily routine.

We are not quite sure which emissions Madame Plante is allergic to, but here’s a headline for her: Go find yourself a very good antihistamine because you, too, are part of the problem. Unless you plan to drive overseas to a conference or stop drinking milk or eating cheese or ice cream or any other milk products, you are contributing to the world’s problem.

Ticking off motorists in Montreal with bike lanes the size of a Mack truck and making your citizens pay through the nose to park downtown is only going to create other, much bigger issues.

You can bet your bippy that Plante and her nitwit grin will be long gone when the negative results of her edicts come to fruition.

What do writer Rex Murphy and Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels have in common? Big onions. Blanche, ya gotta admit that big onions are much more refined than big kahoonas. But we digress.

Murphy’s  editorial on Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson was 110% on the mark. Johnson did not tell the Jews in his country that we will pray with you. Nor did he say we are with your families in time of sorrow. What a total crock. In the one second after those words are uttered, everyone goes on with their life, untouched by whatever tragedy has occurred.

No. He told the Jews of Great Britain that they have every decent person in his country fighting by your side because…Britain would not Britain without its Jewish community. Bravo.

American Jews have Donald Trump but he can’t do much in NY state. Di Blasio, NY’s spineless mayor,  has zero onions. He’s as wimpy as they come, which is why Curtis Sliwa and his Guardian Angels took matters into their own hands. As Sliwa said when interviewed, when they catch someone sucker punching a Jewish man or woman in Brooklyn, while waiting for the police, the perpetrator will, shall we say, understand the error of their ways.

If you are thinking about blaming Trump for the daily attacks on Jews in the United States, you are dead wrong. Anti-semitism was rampant in Europe way before Trump came to office. As happens all the time, it slowly made its way to America’s shores.

It has also come to light that perhaps it is time to call in the National Guard and put them on every street corner in Crown Heights and Williamsburg. Certainly the black community is not taking care of their own. Neither is the justice system who, in the finest liberal mode, is allowing everyone from murderers to those attacking Jews to go free without bail, where it takes them fifteen minutes to do the same thing all over again. No shortage of Jewish fodder in Brooklyn.

Maybe it will be NY Governor Andrew Cuomo who will finally take matters into his own hands and do two things: Call in the National Guard and get rid of the ridiculous new liberal laws that allow people who commit many different kinds of crimes to get out of jail without posting bail. Thank you to all the liberals out there.

Hillary Clinton has a new job. Don’t worry, she’s not in the White House. She has become chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland. Believe it or not Blanche, this is an unpaid job. All she has to do is preside at degree congregations, be their Ambassador, and finally, be the advisor, available to senior management as a sounding board and to provide counsel and guidance. Blanche, wouldn’t you like to be a fly on a wall to hear the advice this woman will dispense?

On Wednesday of this week, 90,000 Jews gathered in MetLife Stadium to mark the completion of the Daf Yomi. As there was not enough room in the MetLife stadium, the 20,000 or so overflow went to the Barclay centre.

In English: Daf Yomi, which means page of the day, is a daily regimen of learning the Oral Torah and its commentaries (also known as the Gemara), in which each of the 2,711 pages of the Babylonian Talmud is covered in sequence.

So anyone doing this learns the same page on the same day every day for almost seven and half years. On Wednesday, almost one hundred thousand people gathered to celebrate what is called a syium, the completion of the learning.

They did this in the face of relentless anti-semitism. As one man said as he was walking in he said, “…We’re showing that we’re not going to allow these attacks to change our course, change our language, change our clothing, change our God.” Given the history of the Jews, those perpetrating all these attacks should sit up and take notice.

Zaidy Bernie is on a roll. He raised a staggering $34.5 million in the 4th quarter of the year, collecting $18 million in December alone. Donald Trump however,  raised an even more staggering $46 million in that same quarter. Fauxcahontas aka Elizabeth Warren raised a mealy $17. Guess what Blanche? She stopped talking about medicare for all and who’s paying for it. Quel surprise. She’s toast. Cooked and done. Good luck to all those who are looking for a liberal president. You are seeing the results of what they have already done in the releasing of criminals in NY without posting bail.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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