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Mr. Dressup aka Justin Trudeau Returns to Light Up The Airwaves

We tried to watch both democratic debates. The first one was impossible to get through as Bernie Sanders has no idea how to speak like a normal person. Is it possible he can only shout? Blanche, maybe he’s a tad on the deaf side – after all, he’s 77 years old. Anyway, after about 45 minutes of being shouted at, we switched the channel.

Last night’s debate was more civil but also a snooze-fest and when we were awake, totally aggravating. Given all of the above, here are the takeaways:

…Donald Trump is going to be sitting with his fingers crossed for the next six months in the hope that Joe Biden is the democratic presidential nominee. While Biden was able to muster some enthusiasm, he’s just not cut out to be president.

A few times he ended his speaking time before the allotted 15 seconds, once by saying anyway. He said medicare for all would cost $3 trillion when in fact it’s $30 trillion. Hey, what’s $27 trillion?

Instead of telling people to go to his website to donate money to his campaign he told them to go to joe30330 but never said what it was. Turns out it was a twitter handle and ya can’t donate money on twitter. Imagine what Trump will do to this guy?

…Aside from not having a good candidate to put forward, the democrats have a much bigger problem. They are spouting ridiculous policies with nothing to back up what they are saying. Free healthcare for everyone, including illegal immigrants? Come on. Who’s paying for this?

…Then there was the genius Kamala Harris proudly saying that she would get rid of all fossil fuel. Clueless is the operative word. Here’s a tidbit about Fossil fuel: They are found in 96% of the items we use each day. One major use of these products is as fuel, gasoline for cars, jet fuel, heating oil and natural gas used to generate electricity. The products produced by fossil fuels are essential to our daily lives, creating materials like plastics, medicines, computers and life-saving devices like MRI scanners.

Wait. It gets better. To produce the following items, we need fossil fuel: refrigerators detergents, dishwashers, telephones and our personal favourite, toilet seats.

Kirsten Gillibrand wise-cracked that if she were elected president would be to “Clorox the Oval Office.” Oh really? Turns out some of her good friends are Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton. Ich. Who really needs the Clorox?

The biggest internal issue the democrats have now is to decide if they are going the way of the extreme left aka socialists who spout ideas with nothing to back them up or holding the middle ground, which unfortunately for them is represented by the rather confused 77 year-old Joe Biden. Houston, we have a problem.

Gerry Butts, Justin Trudeau’s right and left hand man, has his shorts in an uproar. Seems a new book is coming out written by John Ivison entitled Trudeau: The Education of a Prime Minister and Butts has a starring role.

In said, book, Mr. Ivision says that Trudeau’s Mr. Dressup trip to India marked the end of the Liberal honeymoon period with the Canadian public. It appears that Mr. Butts is blaming Prime Minister Modi of India for the failed trip in a veiled attempt to “screw” the Liberals to help his Canadian Conservative friends.

Oh, Butts also blames Trudeau’s wife, Sophie, for thinking up the Mr. Dressup idea. Here’s a headline for Gerald Butts: You were Justin’s top advisor. No one in your office ever looked at pictures of India and saw that the politicians the Trudeau’s were going to meet dressed in western style clothing?

Aside from the ridiculous dressing, there was a huge misstep when an invitation to high-level receptions were sent to a convicted attempted murderer, Jaspal Atwal. Atwal’s ability to travel to India at all appeared to have required intervention from the Indian government together with someone in the Canadian government.

For Butt’s sake (what a name, eh Blanche? Butts), we hope they learned from their mistakes and a) will pack regular clothing no matter who they go and visit and b) vet those invited to dine with the Prime Minister and his entourage.

Stephen Harper stopped giving money to UNRWA – The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees – when he found out that the monies were not reaching the ‘refugees’. President Trump stopped giving them $300 million a year. Both of those men saw the wall with the writing. Not so our pretty-boy prime minister. He gave them $50 million of your hard-earned tax dollars.

Seems those heading this United Nations agency were bad boys…senior management were found engaging in “sexual misconduct, nepotism, retaliation, discrimination and other abuses of authority, for personal gain, to suppress legitimate dissent, and to otherwise achieve their personal objectives.”

Justin is of course trying to poo-poo yet another scandal. It will come out in the end, as Trump will no doubt have something to say about it, and there’s no love lost there. Trump sees right through Justin’s nice hair and fancy socks. But we digress. Someone should be vetting to whom our illustrious prime minister decides to give our money, and it’s not Gerry Butts.

The illustrious Michael Moore, no stranger to getting into trouble, said that the only person who can defeat Donald Trump is Michelle Obama.

While we don’t usually agree with Moore, in this case, he happens to be right. Joe Biden is not even on the same planet as Trump. If he turns out to the be candidate, well, let’s just say it won’t be pretty.

As for the picture that accompanies this post, we just could not resist it. The absolute idiocy of it is beyond the pale.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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