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Blanche, remember Pierre Karl Peladeau’s  fist pump when Pauline Marois was running for premier of Quebec? He said he wanted the country of Quebec for his children. That was the beginning of the end for Marois.

If the liberals can actually get their act together in the upcoming election race, the one thing they should do is keep the R word alive. We refer to the word referendum. And, if they can manage to do two things at once, also keep the S word going – separation.

Very few people in la belle province have the stomach for another referendum. Between astronomic gas bills, crazy food prices, a lack of affordable housing and the shortage of workers – just staying in business or keeping afloat is all that people can cope with.

So the thought of a referendum or the talk of Quebec separating from Canada and the loss of transfer payments and pensions could help turn emperor legault’s insane popularity. One can only hope.

No doubt you have heard the newest buzz word – shrinkflation.  That’s when companies making anything from toilet paper to yogurt and coffee to corn chips quietly shrink package sizes without lowering prices.

So a few months ago a small box of Kleenex had 65 tissues. Now it has 60 tissues. Chobani yogurts have shrunk from 5.3 ounces to 4.5 ounces. Folgers coffee, which downsized its 51-ounce container to 43.5 ounces still says it will make up to 400 cups. That would be very weak cups of coffee. All items are the same price as before, but you are getting less bang for your buck.

So why is this being done? Because manufacturers know that you will notice a price increase but who looks at how many tissues are in a box? Be happy you don’t live in Japan. There some manufacturers have decreased the size of items by 10% and increased the price by 10%. That’s extra special.

Seems the peeps in the USA are having traumatic sticker shock when going to fill up their cars. It now costs $95 to fill up an average sedan. In California, the Democratic ‘energy’ conscious, wind-farm capital, it now costs $6.40 per gallon. Here’s the deal. Unless those prices drop by the November primaries, clobbered is a kind word to describe what will happen to the democrats. Guns? It will drop to the bottom of the list. And when diesel costs even more than regular gas and trucks run on diesel, you can imagine who will absorb the extra gas costs.

So why is this happening? Two reasons: A shortage of crude oil supply amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which prompted a widespread industry exit from Russia that pushed millions of barrels of oil off the market.

The save-the-whale crowd who won’t allow pipelines to be built to carry what is already in the ground in both Canada and the US. Hold on to your hats peeps. Here in quebec the government is even more disgusting as they wait until holidays to really jack up the prices. It’s balconville for many people’s holidays this year.

Yesterday, yet another dude with ‘mental health’ issues got this close to assassinating  Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. This genius made it to Kavanaugh’s front sidewalk with no less than a backpack and suitcase containing a Glock 17 pistol, ammunition, a knife, tactical gear, pepper spray and other items, including zip ties, a hammer, a screwdriver and duct tape. He began thinking about how to give his life purpose and decided that the best thing to do to fulfill that purpose was to kill the Supreme Court Justice.

Seems he’s on some kind of medication but as of this writing, no one knows for what. There is certainly no shortage of young, troubled men looking for purpose in their lives.

Not sure if anyone has been following the golf drama taking place right now. In a nutshell, the Masters and PGA are huge golf tournaments, with winner walking away with $2.7 million.

Reports first emerged as far back as 2019 of plans for a rival league to the PGA Tour, but it was only in late 2021 that the proposal truly began to take shape. LIV (54 in Roman numerals) Golf Investments was formed, with PIF – the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia – its majority shareholder.

In March, the PGA Tour threatened to hand out lifetime bans to players who defect to the rival league. Tiger Woods was offered a mind-blowing amount of money to move leagues and he refused. Greg Norman and Phil Mickelson are the head-honchos in bed with Saudi Arabia.

The issue on the surface are the horrific human rights issues in Saudi Arabia. How could any player have the gall to play there? But as always, under the surface the issue is always money. The purse for the winner in the LIV tournament is almost double that of the PGA – $4 million.

Who knew the boring game of golf could be so dramatic?

One always wonders how much further the woke movement can go. Non-binary, don’t call us he or she we are they. You know the lingo. Well, they actually found another way to sell wokeness:

A Special Merit Award for Best Song for ‘Social Change’. This Special Merit Award will be determined by a ‘blue ribbon committee’ and ratified by the Recording Academy Board of Trustees. Submissions must contain lyrical content that addresses a timely social issue and promotes understanding, peacebuilding and empathy.

The is the same bs that is going on with a magazine that we have read for years, but are now cancelling our subscription. We speak of Architectural Digest. Yes Thelma, you read that correctly.

What could they possibly to do a magazine? Lots. For the past year or so, editors have sought out only ‘diverse’, multi-cultural, non-white designers. It is as if every white designer on the planet has disappeared. We wonder how it is that Veranda, another interior design magazine has managed to find both multi-cultural and white designers. A mystery.

What used to be a magazine that was beautiful to look at with excellent photographs is now a thin, pathetic version of what it was in the name of being politically correct. We are not spending another penny promoting the woke culture.

And on a final note…in the we-have-no-skin-in-the-game department – Trudeau’s transport minister, Omar Alghabra, says Canadians shouldn’t bet on travel restrictions being lifted by summer, describing it as “an ongoing process.” Seriously? An ongoing process? What does that mean?

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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