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No Matter How Much I Eat, My Shoes Still Fit

The internet nudniks are alive and well. Blanche’s internet provider went down today for hours and hours ergo we’re very late tonight. Our apologies.

Just when you thought maybe the politicians in la Belle Province were a bit more honest and didn’t use our tax money as their own personal bank, poof, huge arrests today.

Quebec’s UPAC, the anti-corruption squad executed a series of arrest warrants in the Quebec City region this morning. Sitting in a squad car was none other than the former Deputy Minister Nathalie Normandeau. They are looking for former minister Marc-Yvan Cote who is most likely sitting with his lawyers. Normandeau’s Chief of staff Bruno Lortie also has a warrant out for him.

So who remembers what these people did in Charest government? Nathalie Normandeua was MNA between 1998 and 2011. She was also Deputy Premier in Charest’s government.

This is not the first time Marc Yvon Cote has caught using our money for his own purposes. Remember the sponsorship scandal? This dude was busy there and his membership to the Liberal party was revoked when his name was circulating among those who were involved in money contributions for Liberal election campaigns via defunct programs.

He mentioned during the Gomery Commission that he accepted $120 000 in $20 bills – dat would need a big suitcase Blanche – for the Liberal campaign of 1997. Don’t you wonder how much of that $120,000 stayed with Cote?

All of this is taking place on the day that Couillard’s government is tabling its budget, under the cloud of closing hospital beds in a brand new hospital.

Here’s the moral of the story: Ya can’t teach an old dog new tricks especially when the old dogs are teaching the new dogs the same old tricks. Face facts. We live in Quebec/Cuba. Nothing is straight, no one is honest, everyone is on the take and it’s every man for himself.

John Kerry, Secretary of State and his boss, Obama finally woke up after a very long hibernation. They announced today that isis is committing genocide. Really? They just figured this out? This kind of birdbrained governing is one of the reasons Trump is succeeding. Can it be that Kerry and Obama are so out of touch with reality? Apparently.

No one knows who to blame anymore for Trump’s meteoric rise in the primaries. Did you notice that he always has his suit jacket open? Know why? He’s wearing a bullet proof vest. But we digress.

The republican establishment is blaming the media for too much coverage of him. What can they do when there’s a debate every second week and he is placed smack in the middle of the stage? It’s like putting him on the Ed Sullivan show at 8:10 for the opening act. Of course he’s going to dominate the debate.

Trump’s language is nasty, but make no mistake, he’s not a stupid man. He knows exactly what he’s doing – infuriating everyone so they will eventually say something more stupid than he did. The newest mantra to be sung is that it has now become the media who must stop him. Seriously?

There is a reason Trump is so far ahead of the ever-shrinking pack. Instead of pointing fingers, American politicians should be looking inward, deeply, to figure out why they have failed. When they find that answer, they may be able to make a dent in Trump’s numbers. Unfortunately for them, time is not on their side.

Remember the back-and-forth between Apple, and the federal government? Where several engineers said that they will fight back if the F.B.I. wins a court battle to force Apple to unlock an iPhone that belonged to Syed Rizwan Farook, the gunman who killed 14 people in San Bernardino last December?

Well, it seems that the FBI is after another 12 phones that they want Apple to unlock, all connected to terrorist cases.

A while ago we sided with the government. Now we’re not so sure. While we agree that the information on terrorist’s phones is crucial, we fear that the FBI will use this terrorist guise to unlock other kinds of phones as well. This is a very tough decision to make but one thing we can say – if Apple does not abide by what the judge says, they are dead wrong. Apple is not above the justice system…last time we looked.

Senator Lindsay Graham said recently that he would rather be shot or poisoned rather than support Ted Cruz. Guess what? He’s quietly raising money for him. Guess he bought a bullet proof vest and got someone to taste all his food. In case you think other parts of the world are sane, think again. One of the latest crazes in China is to see how small a woman’s waist is. How do they measure it? They take an 8.5×11 piece of paper and hold it in the length down the back to the waist. If the paper and the body match – bingo! she’s the right size. Nothing much to say here folks except get a life.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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