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No Shortage of Lowlife Politicians…

Unfortunately, there is no update to the kidnapped boys in Israel. There are a few scenarios that Israeli intelligence seem to be following:

Some sources say that hamas in Turkey is behind the kidnappings. Others that perpetrators of this crime are a very small group, not affiliated with any larger group. Yet another scenario is that they are still a small group within a larger group. They have either been instructed or on their own ditched their cell phones, have no internet connection and have simply vanished from the communication grid. This coupled with the fact that the kidnappers had over five hours to get out of Israel before anyone made a move is not good news. In five hours they could have crossed the border into Gaza, Jordan, Sinai or even Egypt.

Four out of Israel’s five intelligence agencies – Shin Bet, the Military Intelligence Research Division, Unit 8200 and Mossad have been assigned to listen to chatter all over the Arab world. They have also spread out a multilevel eavesdropping net of secure sources, agents and collaborators on the West Bank and Gaza Strip  and have come up with nothing. Or if they have come up with something, they are keeping it completely under wraps.

It will not take long for the world to move onto other news. It will be up to the Jews of the Diaspora to keep this story alive.

Other News Connected to the Kidnappings:

Shimon Peres, the current Israeli Prime Minister has the  ability to make people’s blood boil. He met with the parents of the kidnapped boys and told them he would make sure to bring greater attention to this when he visits with Obama on his upcoming trip to the US. Can we talk?

Have you heard a word from Obama about the kidnappings? Have you heard a word from his pumped wife Michelle? No you haven’t because they have not said anything.  And very shortly Peres is going to shake his hand and give him a hug? Obama opens his mouth to comment on the most idiotic, inane things but when three children are kidnapped in Israel he can’t find ten minutes to issue a statement? Peres is pandering for his approval? We don’t need his approval. He has shown his colors and with whom he sides, in between his multiple vacations and golf games. He is not a friend of the Jews and Peres’s overtures are beyond infuriating. Between going to the vatican and putting his arm around Abbas and now going to the White House to pant in front of Obama, he’s a big loser.

Ban ki Moon, the UN ‘head’ wins the most ludicrous comment of the week. On Tuesday he issued the following statement: The U.N. has “no concrete evidence” that 19 year old Eyal Yifrach, and 16 year old Naftali Frenkel and Gilad Sha’ar were “actually” kidnapped by terrorists last Thursday as they hitchhiked home for the Sabbath from Gush Etzion.

Israeli public radio quoted Farhan Haq, the spokesperson, as saying the United Nations also does not have an independent investigative unit that could even confirm the incident.

Blanche, get the barf bag.  Have you read enough to know that  the world does not give a rat’s about the Jews. This fact coupled with people like Peres brings us yet again to the only conclusion we can come to:  G-d has to save us – from the world and from ourselves.

Keep on praying for those children and the IDF, saying psalms, giving more charity, doing more mitzvahs . It’s the only thing we have now. Yaakov Naftali Ben Rachel Devorah, Gilad Michael ben Bat Galim, Eyal ben Iris Teshura

In the wake of the abduction of three Israeli teens, a new emergency app dubbed “SOS” has been launched by Hatzalah, which enables users to immediately send out a distress call and their exact location to United Hatzalah and the police.

In the case of an emergency, users of the app are able to send their GPS coordinates and their precise location to Hatzalah 24/7 dispatch center and to the police, with just one swipe of a smartphone.

In addition, the app is designed to notify family or friends of an emergency by using contact information that the user inserted into the system during registration. What is the world coming to?

Pauline Marois is mostly likely still in shock after the PQ’s trouncing. After today’s poll, she may need mouth to mouth – hahahahahaha!!!! Imagine? Never mind. Don’t imagine. But we digress. The party is now below the 20% line, at 19% support, and the CAQ is 10 points ahead of it, firmly in second place at 29%. The Liberals stand at 39%.

But the more startling news is that one in ten people under 35 years old support the PQ. And, only half of separatists do.

The news gets better, depending of course on who you are. Bernard Drainville, the genius behind the charter of values fiasco, is thinking of running for the leadership of the PQ. We can’t wait. It will be the final nail in the coffin for that party.

On Monday June 30 late in the afternoon, Rob Ford intends to go back to his office after being in rehab for a couple of months. He may have a bit of a problem. It seems the locks were changed while he was away, ostensibly to make sure no one went into his office. Right. Stay tuned to this one. Truth is, it doesn’t matter if the locks were changed or not. If he can’t get into his office, he’ll do the following: Take 50 steps backwards, lean a bit to the left and with all his might, break down the door with his shoulder.

This Dr. Oz dude has gone from a reputable doctor to one of the biggest snake oil salesman known to man. It seems that he’s promoting a magic potion that if taken makes one lose weight. Oh really? And why is he the only one selling this stuff if it’s so good? Why isn’t every nutritionist, doctor, clinic etc promoting this magic business? Because Blanche, it’s not true! Ya can’t lose weight drinking a potion and then eating chips, pizza, chocolate, cookies and cake in front of your television or computer.

There’s a simple formula to losing weight. Ya have to burn more calories than you take in. One day he’s going to regret lying to people. That probably won’t be until he has made gzillions of dollars selling his magic potion. Ich.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

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