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Before we start pointing fingers at the United States, let’s look at our four cubits. Can someone please explain to us how Premier Legault says, day after day, with a straight face no less, that there is no systemic racism here in Quebec? This brought to you by the same premier who has outlawed hijabs and kippahs for government workers. We’ll tell you how. He’s exactly like Donald Trump, pandering to his base which, in this case are the hundreds and hundreds of little towns all over Quebec.

Can someone please ask him to name five persons of color or anyone who is not white, Catholic and French  who work for the Quebec government? Not as basic civil servants, but in high ranking positions. Our guess is that there are none or maybe one or two.

Here in Quebec black men fear DWB – driving while black. So Legault may be fooling some of the people in this province by saying this place is not racist, but not all of us are buying into his fantasy.

Given that, we were not born yesterday. We are not afraid of Morris the accountant as we take a walk on a quiet street downtown Montreal. But we are sometimes afraid if a black man approaches because ‘things’ do happen. We have been the victim of such an attack as ‘someone’, not Morris, ripped our necklace right off our neck in Times Square teeming with people.

All of this to say people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Before we launch into Trump et al, we thought we’d raise your blood pressure a bit and give you a true lay of the land.

Former – I-won’t-stand-for-the-American-flag San Francisco quarterback and multi-millionaire ‘ activist’ Colin Kaepernick announced a new fund called ActBlue to pay for the legal fees of rioters, whom he dubbed “freedom fighters,” destroying often low-income communities and committing acts of violence aka looting.

He’s in good company with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib who have all solicited donations to be made to ‘bail funds’ for the ‘freedom fighters’.

Now for the rest of the United States. This problem was not created by Donald Trump. The police in the US have a huge issue which was not dealt with for a couple of hundred years. Donald Trump is supposed to solve it now? Where is the black leadership?

We’ll tell you. Nowhere. It is  because of their inability to find even one black person to whom that sector of the population will listen to. They have no leadership and whiter than white, blonder than blonde Donald Trump, even if he spoke with compassion and was the ‘healer in chief’, doesn’t fit the bill.

There are some people in the black community who could take charge but choose not to. Where was Barack Obama for 8 years? What exactly did he do to help his fellow black people except push them to more and more government subsidies? Where is his voice now?

Where is Oprah Winfrey? Where is her voice? Where are all the very visible black athletes? So far only Dennis Rodman spoke out and today, Tiger Woods finally found his voice, but it was weak and ineffective. What about that big mouth Stacey Abrams? Where is she now?

Why are black leaders not speaking out? Why are they all not going after antifa who are destroying whatever good those protesters are trying to achieve?

Looting Macy’s is going to help the black cause? Maybe looting Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Ann Taylor will?  Or maybe the crowd watching a huge tractor trailer smash open a WalMart in the south? This is going to help their cause?

Antifa is taking advantage of the situation, sending in their goon squads to start trouble. But looting and burning down the stores of their own people? What good does that do? Don’t blame Trump. The only way he can stop what is happening is to send in force. Is that what people want to see? What else do you want him to do? Talk nice and they’ll stop? They won’t.

Blanche, didn’t we just hear last week that there is a very strong possibility that COVID-19 could return for a second, even worse wave of infections? And didn’t we hear that in the United States black people accounted for the majority of those infected, especially in New York and New Jersey?

One would think watching all those rioters, standing cheek to jowl that the coronavirus was a dream. That it never happened. Guess what? It happened and the result of all these ‘protests’ could very well be another round of infections.

And while we’re on a rant, who is that airhead Trudeau to lecture Israel on what they should do with the West Bank?

In his  uber-liberal-tree-hugging-whale-saving-whiny voice he said the following: “We deplore such actions, which are going to delay any prospect of lasting peace in the Middle East. So, we should be working while respecting the concept of dialogue.” One minute. Wasn’t he a drama major? Guess he never learned vocal elocution. But we digress.

We are wondering what dialogue he is referring to? The one where soldiers, to this minute, are still afraid to wait at bus stops for fear of an Arab car ramming them or someone coming at them yelling Allah Akbar with a knife. When was the last time he ‘dialogued’ with Arab terrorists who wait to murder Jews?

Lasting peace plan? Can someone plug up one of his ears so the wind stops for a minute and tell him in the other ear so it will remain in his head for more than a minute, that  a peace plan needs two people who speak truthfully.  Peace cannot happen when  one party wishes the other to fall into the ocean with all its people.

This next piece has come to us from a reliable source. Remember all those weeks that Legault was begging anyone with two arms, two legs and maybe ten fingers but less would do, to go work in those death traps called CHSLD’s?

Well, up until last Monday, it appears that student nurses were going back and forth from hospitals to those CHSLD’s with no testing. We will remind you that in January Legault was told that the senior homes were going to be hit hard with the coronavirus. He ignored the information. He’s a terrible, incompetent premier and has been the direct cause of hundreds of deaths.

We’re done.

We’ll talk…

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