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Petulant Leaders? Ya can’t be petulant and a leader. Doesn’t work.

Obama is a very stubborn man. One could also call him petulant. It also shows how much Israel understands reality and Obama lives in some kind of bubble. This was brought to bear in a very real way when it came to light that Obama could not bring himself to call Netanyhu and congratulate him on his stunning victory.

It is rumored that he sent henchmen to Israel to try to sway the election. Jeremy Bird, the architect of the grass-roots and online organizing efforts behind both of Obama’s presidential campaign, was dispatched to Israel to work the same magic there with a group called Victory 15.

Victory 15 is a close ally of the One Voice Movement — a U.S. tax-exempt organization with a subsidiary in Israel that actively worked against Netanyahu. One Voice apparently used $350,000, called ‘dark money’, in State Department grants to to fund its anti-Netanyahu efforts. Seems this is in direct contravention with U.S. law. This could get interesting if someone decides to take the whole thing one step further. Last night, the genius Pierre Karl Peladeau, who is running for the leadership of the PQ fell in with both feet  during a debate. His comments are what those who presented that charter of values last year never wanted to reveal. He said that every year that passes, their dream of a country fades further away. Why? Well my dear, because of the ‘ethnics’ moving here.

According the PKP, each year they don’t hold a referendum, they lose another riding due to all those ‘immigrants’. Today of course he backtracked saying, “that he was only stressing the importance of making greater efforts to win the loyalties of newcomers to the province who are vulnerable to the “propaganda machine” of the federal government.”

We say that he should just keep on talking. Each time he opens his mouth, more pearls fall out, making him sound more and more that it’s a good thing his father was born before him.

In a landmark ruling today, the Supreme court of Canada dealt what can only be termed a death-blow to the brainwaves who instituted that Ethics and Religious Culture program. What’s that you ask? Many things, amongst them forcing ethnic schools to teach other religions.

Turns out the Loyola Catholic School in NDG didn’t garner too well having to teach their students about the koran or Yom Kippur. They, as do the Jewish schools don’t mind teaching children about ethics and religion, but it will be from their perspective, not dictated to them by some bureaucrat sitting in Quebec city.

We couldn’t resist this travel tip: What to do if you fall off a cruise ship? It seems that there is a high-tech “man overboard detection system” out there, which uses radar and sensors to notify crew members if someone does fall off a cruise ship. However, the cruise industry has been slow to integrate this technology.

Can we talk? If fall overboard you best have a notarized will signed and sealed because you will be supper for some very big fish in the ocean. Blanche, did you just write that? You’re disgusting. Ich and feh.

Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. Rumor has it that Obama has just purchased an $8.7 million mansion in Hawaii. Time will tell.

Did anyone see the picture of Michelle in Japan meeting the Emperor and his wife? First of all, she tripped, seemingly over her own feet and almost landed on top of him. Aside from that, this is one case where a picture is worth a thousand words. We don’t usually give links, but this one is worth looking at:

Lest you think that Netanyhu backtracked on his promise the night before the election that there would never be a Palestinian state under his watch, here’s what he said then and here’s where he’s saying today. He is not, as social media is saying retracting anything:

Three days ago he said there could be no Palestinian state while regional violence and chaos persist — conditions that could rule out progress on the issue for many years.

Today he said that he remains committed to Palestinian statehood — if conditions in the region improve. Same thing dudes. Obama can have the biggest temper tantrum he wants. He ain’t running the show.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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