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Phantom Fans

With all the money the government is giving away, one can only imagine the long line of hopefuls waiting outside their doors – virtually of course. Close to the head of the line are the airlines.

Anyone remember what it’s like flying? How the airlines nickel and dime us for every little thing? How they squeeze us together on flights so if you are taller than 5’5″ your knees have a long meeting with your chin for hours? Or if they keep you waiting on the plane for three or more hours while keeping you in the dark like a mushroom you have zero recourse?

So now they are all crying. The travel industry has been decimated. Correct. But who wants to give those airlines any money? And in case you are feeling a bit sorry for them, here’s something that may change your mind:

Frontier Airlines, a small company in the US is guaranteeing the middle seat empty…for $39. Otherwise ladies and gents, your neighbour will be literally breathing his or her germs directly into your face for many hours.

Here’s our take: The airlines want money from the government, which in reality is our money. The prerequisite is that they  start treating the public – you and me –  like human beings and not cattle. Take about 10 steps back, get rid of some seats, space people apart so we are not packed in like a tin of sardines in olive oil from Italy.

If they won’t do that then let the best man win. Whoever survives will stay in business and the rest will go by the wayside. A taste of their own medicine.

Guess what’s happening in South Korea? They started playing baseball. Don’t get excited people. The stands were empty, kind of. See the picture above? That’s what the stadium looks like although it’s absolutely silent. Pretend, phantom fans.

No spitting. No spitting on the baseball. No bashing into each other. Is it worth it?

Blanche, you heard about that two inch killer bee? Seriously, is this what we need to know about now? Keep reading.

Asian giant hornets, also known as “murder hornets,” are a traditional delicacy in Japan where people enjoy them fried, steamed, or added to liquor. Got that Blanche? There’s more.

These hornets, along with other edible insects, are celebrated in an annual festival held in the southern part of the main island of Japan. People are warned ahead of time at the festival, known as the Kushihara Hebo Matsuri, that the organizers are not responsible for accidents with the insects.

Have Asians not learned anything from the coronavirus? Does everyone across the Pacific Ocean eat anything that can’t run or fly away fast enough? Clearly not.

Lest you think Hillary is done, think again peeps. She is headlining a fund raiser for Biden. For $100,000 you will have the wonderful thrill of being able to tune in to watch Hillary in all her glory “in conversation” with Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez. Yup, that’s it. She won’t even acknowledge you as you are clearly grovelling to be in her presence.

You are clamoring to get into this virtual event. There will be limited availability ‘seats’ at $2,800.

For $5,600 you will be considered a “guest,” for $15,000, you’ll be labeled a “friend, for $41,100 a “supporter,” and a “champion” at $50,000. Believe us, there will be a line-up to get in.

At the beginning of North America’s quarantine, Russia proudly announced they had no cases of the coronavirus. They were clear, unlike the rest of the world. Unfortunately, COVID-19 does not understand boundaries and now Russia is one of the hot-spots of the world, with one difference.

Their doctors are mysteriously falling out of windows. Yes, you read that correctly. Two healthcare workers are dead and one has been hospitalized after each fell from hospital windows in Russia over the past two weeks. Now you must be asking why. Can’t be the virus.

Two of the three healthcare workers fell after reportedly challenging or disagreeing with officials in Russia’s state-run healthcare system over coronavirus-related issues. Sounds a bit like China doesn’t it?

Guess what’s back? Cruises. Yup. And guess what? They are dirt cheap and we mean dirt cheap. Carnival cruise line is offering a five day cruise from Galveston, to Cozumel, Mexico, in early August starting at $139, plus taxes, fees and port expenses. The base rate comes to about $28-a-day including food, cheaper than staying home for many people.

We are wondering who in their right mind would take a cruise, even in August. Does no one remember the ships filled with sick people floating around the world for weeks as no one would allow them to dock?

And who’s to say people won’t get sick again on those ships? No shortage of people wanting to live dangerously or stupidly. Take your pick.

We’ll talk…

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