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Post Debate Report

We do not usually send out an extra report, but after listening to the pundits after the debate, it was clear that Francois Legault of the CAQ won the night. He realized that the only way out of annihilation of both himself and his party was to go the route of the charter, which garnered much success for Marois. He is as big a racist as Marois, make no mistake.

It was also clear that Marois, David and Legault were gunning for Couillard as he was the front-runner coming into tonight. They were relentless and sometimes he was not as strong as he could have been.

Given this outcome, we will await new polls in the next few days. This election campaign is not over by a long-shot. One can only hope that there are sane, rational and reasonable French Canadians living outside Montreal who understand what it will mean to vote for a party determined to have its own country at any cost.

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