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Sleepy Joe is Running

Joe Biden finally, at long last, announced his fourth bid for president of the United States. We watched his video. His message is old and tired. Been there done that. And in his case, no less than four times.

Aside from going up against Trump, Biden has another huge issue on his hands, one he cannot ignore.  Omar Illan, Alexandra Oscasio Cortez, Bernie Sanders and many others who are defending outright anti-semitism now espoused by his party, have strong socialist agendas and are about as far from Biden as they can be in their thinking.

Between his party, his history, his age, the fact that Stacy Abrams (a black woman) refused his offer to run as his vice-president and his formidable opponent who already nicknamed him sleepy Joe, he’s like a salmon swimming up water against the current.

And don’t be misled by the polls that say he has an 8 point lead over Trump. That’s called the entry bump. Give him a month or so, a couple of gaffs, and he’ll be with the rest of 20 candidates.

The anti-vax movement can be proud of their accomplishment this year: Thanks to them and international travel, measles is now in its worst outbreak since 1994. Congratulations. You have succeeded in bringing a dreaded, long-lost disease back into the world. Shame on all of you.

Bernie Sanders was speaking at an event called She the Woman, made up mainly of women of color. When asked how he would handle the rise in white supremacy, Bernie started speaking with platitudes about fighting discrimination and running a campaign “to bring our people together around an agenda that speaks to all people”.  That took five seconds and then he returned to his favourite  message on universal health care.

That didn’t sit well with the over 1200 women there, who began booing him. Here’s a headline about the socialist democratic agenda: It’s empty. There’s nothing there. Who is going to pay for everything? All the rich people? No.

No one is going to pay because none of their empty promises will ever happen. People are worried about jobs, healthcare, food and putting a roof over their heads. They are not worrying about the government giving them all of the above for free because they know it’s not true and therefore are a lot smarter than the politicians spitting out those platitudes. And that goes for Omar, Cortez and all the other socialists.

As we have said on more than one occasion, socialism doesn’t work. It didn’t work in Cuba, Russia, East Germany or Venezuela and it won’t work in the United States.

Justin Trudeau got a week’s break from scandals. He took the opportunity to go on vacation. Nice eh Blanche? Well, he’s back and so is yet another scandal.

The Liberal party has a database to track and target supporters during election campaigns. Sounds good. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister’s Office has also found another use for it: vetting potential judges.

Of course Trudeau and his missives huffed and puffed that it wasn’t true. That is until the Globe and Mail revealed that, in fact, it was true.

They searched Elections Canada’s political donation database and found 25 per cent of the 289 judges appointed or promoted by Trudeau had donated to the Liberal Party of Canada, compared to six per cent to the Conservative, NDP and Green parties, while 90.9 per cent of the $322,000 donated by the judges went to the Liberals. Uh oh.

One more thing about Bernie Sanders. He wants everyone to be able to vote. Sounds ok until you realise that ‘everyone’ includes murderers, terrorists, rapists, bombers etc.

People who have committed crimes and are incarcerated have forfeited their right to be with the rest of society. And that includes voting. Bernie has gone off the deep end in his quest to out-socialise the young socialists in his party.

In case you forgot about Brexit, it’s still around. Here is the one of the main issues as to why the Brits cannot come to a deal:

Yesterday, the head of the Scottish parliament called for a referendum to leave the UK if it goes through with the EU divorce.

The last time Scotland voted on whether to break up with the UK was in 2014. It voted not to. But in the 2016 Brexit referendum, almost two-thirds of Scots voted to stay in the EU. Now, the government says it will introduce legislation to kick off another referendum by 2021. Good luck with that: the UK says it won’t allow it.

The Brits better get a handle on this or they will find themselves out of the EU and losing Scotland.

Happy second days of Passover and Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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