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The left of left, democratic, liberal, we-love-woke and all vaccines, masks, curfews etc New York Times published a piece on Tuesday titled “The Mask Mandates Did Nothing. Will Any Lessons Be Learned?” Are you kidding?

It was written by Bret Stephens, a conservative opinion columnist with the Times who won a Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2013. Please take note that although he may be conservative, the Times is very far from that.

Lest you have started sputtering, stop now. We checked the doctor who was responsible for the study - Dr. Thomas Jefferson who is an Oxford epidemiologist - and couldn't find any dirt on him. So what did he say?

The most rigorous and comprehensive analysis of scientific studies conducted on the efficacy of masks for reducing the spread of respiratory illnesses — including Covid-19 — was published late last month. Its conclusions were unambiguous.

“‘There is just no evidence that they — masks — make any difference. Full stop.'” What about N-95 masks, as opposed to lower-quality surgical or cloth masks? ‘Makes no difference — none of it,’

He and 11 colleagues conducted 78 randomized controlled trials, with a total of 610,872 participants in numerous countries.

But hang on. There was study after study in the early days of the pandemic claiming masks worked, which prompted lawmakers at every level of government to enact mask mandates. But Jefferson says those studies were “non-randomized” and “flawed observational studies.”

There ya go. Do not shoot the messenger. We also have a feeling that taking four, five and six vaccines is also going to eventually come out as being useless at best. As we have heard more than once or even twice, the best protection against covid and other viruses is actually getting said virus which gives one natural antibodies.

We are now waiting for the study on how completely, utterly useless those curfews were. Especially that last one that the czar legault imposed five minutes before the holidays last year for 100% purely political reasons.

As much as the Democrats despise Trump, as much as they yell and scream and say he's a nutcase, Biden took a page directly of Trump's book to stop illegal migrants from entering the US. Would you look at that? A copycat president.

Biden's 'new' rule would prevent migrants who do not use already available legal pathways to asylum and do not seek asylum in a third country from applying for asylum in the U.S.

When Trump proposed this he was raked over the coals. His edicts were called asylum and transit bans and he was taken to court over them.

Obviously Biden's 'come on down' policy was a complete failure. It was taken by the rest of the world at face value and guess what? From every corner of the world they are flocking into the US illegally, at the invitation of no less than the President.

Now for the kicker. When will this be implemented? Exactly on the same day as Title 42 restrictions are lifted. And what is Title 42?

On May 11, authorities will no longer be able to turn migrants away due to health concerns. Also on that day Biden will end the Covid-19 national and public health emergencies. We certainly hope that includes allowing unvaccinated people into the US. Time will tell.

When you look up the word entitled in the dictionary, a few people come up instantly: Justin, czar legault, Valerie Plante and... Pete Buttigieg.

We have not yet mentioned the chemical train derailment in East Palestine Ohio. It is a disaster there. People can't drink the water, they have headaches, nausea and other symptoms from the release of the chemicals.

As the transportation secretary, one would have thought that Buttigieg would have at the very least reached out to those people. And if he were really interested in his job he would have actually gone there. He did neither.

In fact, he is refusing to answer any questions about the ongoing disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, because he is “taking some personal time.”

Can we talk? Aside from being a gay we have wondered for a long time why he is in the cabinet at all. Clearly he's completely over his head as we saw during the holidays when airlines and airports melted down and he was nowhere to be found.

Perhaps he's taking a page out of Justin's book and hiding in his cottage. Or, and this is what we really think, he doesn't give a rats about anything or anyone except Pete Buttigieg. All to say he's one of the most entitled jerks we've seen in a long time.

Update: Seems Pete found a few minutes from his 'personal time' to go visit East Palestine Ohio and the dangerous chemical train wreck. What a nice guy.

One more little ditty about this. You may not be aware that Trump went to East Palestine last week, before Buttigieg even dreamed about going. Never mind that Biden went to the Ukraine and totally ignored those people, actually his own American citizens.

Much more Hollywoodish to fly secretly to Ukraine than visit people in small town America dealing with a chemical spill in their backyard. But we digress.

Seems Trump was at his finest there, pretty well waking up his sleepy presidential campaign. We can tell you one thing...if Biden et al don't wake up soon, Trump is going to, as the song goes, "gonna walk all over you".

Not sure if anyone saw the AI created interview between Joe Rogan and Justin. It's a total of 3.5 minutes and we watched the whole thing.

First we have to say how absolutely scary this is. It sounded so real that had we not known it was artificially created, we would have believed it. One can not even imagine where this is going to go in the future. Not to good places for sure.

Secondly we wished, even if was not real, that Justin was asked more normal questions. Clearly Rogan doesn't know the inside stuff going on in Canada, like who stayed in the $6000 a night penthouse suite in the Corinthia Hotel.

Instead he asked Justin if his mother slept with Fidel Castro. Really? Who cares?

Pierre Poilievre is correct. Canada is broken in many ways. Try getting a passport. Try being an immigrant waiting two years for an appointment. Try finding a doctor. Lots and lots of issues.

Our issue is this:

At what point does Poilievre stop saying how broken things are and start saying how he will fix them? Can we talk?

Poilievre is beginning to sound like a broken record. Time to up your game dude. How are you going to fix the issue with immigrants waiting two and three years for an appointment?

Hey Anthony Housefather, maybe you know who stayed in the $6000 USD penthouse suite in the Corinthia Hotel in London?

Ya think it was Justin. Hehehehehe.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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