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Snivelling, Liberal University Students

When we saw this little news item we thought the following – this is what is wrong with liberals. There is now counselling available at Berkley university for students who are stressed by right wing politicians and what is happening in Washington. Can we talk?

If they are stressed from what might be, imagine what will happen with they start working and their boss yells at them. They will crumble, cry and most likely run away. Pathetic excuses for students who are supposed to be the next generation running their country.

Hillary is still at it. Honestly, someone needs to send her very far away for a very long time. She is doing two things simultaneously: Giving fodder to Trump and shooting her party in the foot.

While she is articulate, what comes out of her mouth is the old-school, old boys club Washington which America rejected en masse. She obviously still doesn’t get the point.

Here’s a riddle: What costs $100 for admission, cost $27 million to build, has a ride that lasts 15 minutes and gives you a view of the city? Montreal’s new ferris wheel in the old port. Blanche, that’s a lot of money to get a view of the city when you can get it for free at the lookout.

And why do we not believe that private money only paid for this? Time will tell, eh?

We are now seeing what Trump refers to as fake media in all its glory. Social media is salivating, saying that his base will desert him. This time the deal is on the DACA issue (The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). He didn’t quite finish the wall business, but a got a strong policy at borders where people cross illegally, Get a grip dudes.

His base isn’t deserting him anytime soon and he knows it. Otherwise, the Donald would never had done this deal. He’s smart enough to know that success breeds more success. Two deals in two weeks? That’s success.

His base is watching their republican party squirm and try to wiggle out of the fact that they are, for all intents and purposes, impotent. They best get in the game quickly or Trump will keep bypassing them, deal by deal.

Couillard is making us take out the barf bag. For three years he was an absentee premier. Now that there’s an election looming, he’s making himself visible.

You know who we miss right now? You know who would make sense of this and put Couillard in his place? Jean Lapierre. He knew what was going on both inside the walls of the national assembly and outside.

With his voice of reason and intelligence gone forever, no one seems to be able to make a dent in Couillard’s thinking. He’s bringing the province to a place no one wants to be. He dropped the ball a long time ago and now is trying to pick it up again. He’s a pathetic example of a premier.

We are not a sports aficionado, but we like a good baseball or football game. Lately, Montreal seems to have the loser of loser teams.

Who exactly is watching soccer? Doesn’t sound like too many peeps. To get an idea of where this team is holding here are a few statistics: There are 4 teams in Canada, Montreal is in 3rd place. There are 200 teams in North America – Montreal is in 58th place.

The Alouettes just fired their third coach in three years. The season hasn’t yet started and people are already complaining about the Montreal Canadians.

Here’s something we learned a long time ago that applies here perfectly: When it stinks, it stinks from the head down. The head honchos in all of these teams need some help or need to go.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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