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Some People Are So Full of It They Should Have Flushing Handles Instead of Ears.

Just when you thought you heard everything, zut alors, up pops Pierre Karl Peladeau – aka PKP. Lest you forget, he’s the leader of the separatist party who today, stood up for les Anglos . Funny how we all vote Liberal because there is basically no alternative and for the umpteenth time, the Liberals act like we are an appendage to the province.

PKP said it doesn’t make any sense that the Couillard government is leaving out principal players such as major school boards like the CSDM and the EMSB from parliamentary hearings on Bill 86, the education reform bill, which, among other things, eliminates school board elections.

Péladeau said it’s senseless to go ahead with what is a fundamental change in the education system without hearing from all parties including individual school boards. The separatist leader said anglophone school boards and other anglophone groups with a stake in this must be at the table, otherwise… Blanche, hold on to your chair – “This will leave a very sour note to citizens of Quebec who speak English.” And by the way, when was the last time you heard a peep out of Couillard? We’ll tell you – not in a very long time.

Religious Jews in Marseilles in France are facing a wrenching choice: Whether to wear the kippa that proclaims their religion or tuck it away in hopes of staying safe. An attack this week was the last straw for the Marseilles Jewish community’s religious leadership: A machete-wielding 15-year-old slashed a Jewish teacher in the street. Under police questioning, the boy invoked the Islamic State.

Zvi Ammar, head of the Israelite Consistory of Marseilles, asked Jews to go without the kippa “until better days.” President François Hollande called the recommendation intolerable. Two Jewish legislators wore kippas to French Parliament in protest.

“It means that we are projecting part of the responsibility on the victim,” said France’s chief rabbi, Haim Korsia. “What is the limit? … Someone who walks in the street on Saturday morning on his way to the synagogue, isn’t it too visibly Jewish?”

Gut-wrenching questions with no easy answers. Did you know that France has the third largest Jewish population in the world? It is no secret, especially to Hollande that thousands and thousands are leaving for Israel.

We are of the opinion that unless one lives in a place like France or Israel, we cannot and should not comment. Given that, the French government should take a long look in the mirror at what has become of their country, where productive, honest and upstanding citizens fear walking the street as visible Jews. Pathetic.

Ben Carson’s in deep trouble yet again. His finance chairman and top fundraiser, resigned from the campaign this morning. It seems that other people working on Carson’s campaign were not very happy with the $20,000 a month he was pulling in when this job usually is voluntary. Carson should quit while he’s ahead of the game. Wait a minute. Blanche, do you think Carson went into debt for this campaign? He seems to have plenty of money, but don’t let that fool you. We’ve seen plenty of people driving shmancy cars and sporting eye-popping rings who didn’t have the veritable pot to … in. If you go to London anytime soon, you may notice a much larger police presence. The Metropolitan (London) police is increasing the number of its armed officers by 600, with a third on standby to respond to a mass terrorist attack. Notice the word armed. London Bobbies do not carry guns. The world is changing and sadly, with that change so is our innocence. Yet another Republican debate tonight. This one may prove much more entertaining that the last few as Ted Cruz is closing in on Trump and the gloves will be off. Well, for Trump neither the gloves nor his mouth were ever on. But now he’s going to really let go. Dis could be very interesting.

In case you were wondering what’s up with El Niño, the cause of this year’s strange winter, it will peak within the next month before weakening in the spring. What does that mean for us, the frozen chosen in the north? Rain and snow in the drought-plagued West and feel generally milder-than-average temperatures across its northern tier.

Here’s a test for you: Do you believe that there are baby carrot farmers out there who grow baby carrots that pop out of the ground perfectly convenient and smooth? If so, we are about to burst your bubble.

In the early 1980s, the carrot business was stagnant and wasteful. Growing seasons were long, and more than half of what farmers grew was ugly and unfit for grocery shelves. But in 1986, a guy by the name of Mike Yurosek, itching for a way to make use of all the misshapen carrots, tried something new. Instead of tossing them out, he carved them into something more palatable.

At first, he used a potato peeler, which didn’t quite work because the process was too laborious. But then he bought an industrial green-bean cutter. The machine cut the carrots into uniform 2-inch pieces, the standard baby carrot size that persists today. He sent the first batch to a local grocer and the rest is history.

Oh, and one more thing. Baby carrots are not soaked in chlorine. The water used to wash them has a minute amount of chlorine in it, but certainly not enough to make one ill. Enjoy those little babies. They are certainly better than dipping a chip into humous. Well, maybe healthier but there’s nothing like chips, eh Blanche?

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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