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As always, communication is the best way to solve any issue. One of the big questions in the US right now is  how schools will open in the fall. Trump threatening to hold back federal money if school districts don’t bring their students back in the fall is not going to work.

The choices parents are being given are nasty: having kids in school one week and home the next week. What exactly are working parents supposed to do with their kids? Plus Zoom schooling for elementary children requires a parent in the room.

So if your children are let’s say 7, 9 and 11 they obviously cannot be left home alone. Ergo working parents must either work from home plus be in school with their kids on zoom or hire a babysitter which could get very expensive.

What is needed here are minds getting together and figuring this out. Teachers, political leaders, working parents and a mediator to keep peace in the room. Threats of any kind are not what is going to solve this important problem.

The truth is, the economy depends on parents knowing where they stand way before September so they can or figure out how they will manage.

If you want an example of 100% incompetence in Montreal, where the elected politicians don’t have the faintest hint of a clue of the needs of the people they represent, look no further than this piece. Sue Montgomery, is mayor of CDN-NDG. We will remind you that she proudly has no car and therefore is unable to meet with her constituents anywhere that’s more than 3 blocks from her house. She also believes that no one else should have a car, so suck it up and bring your laundry and groceries home on the back of your bike. Tough luck grandma. But we digress.

Nelson Mandela Park in CDN is the home of a baseball field, a huge grassy soccer field, bleachers, sprinklers, swings and slides etc.

Surrounding the entire park was an asphalt path that the children in the neighborhood would ride their bikes around. It was safe, far from the road and the parents were able to see their children even if they were on the other side of the park.

Alas, a genius in Madam Montgomery’s office decided, or perhaps it was Ms. Montgomery herself in a moment of ‘inspiration’ on how to make the lives of her people as difficult as possible and with zero consultation of the people who live there, to put grass on said asphalt path.

So now, joggers can’t jog, small children can no longer ride their bikes, mothers can’t push their strollers,  roller blader’s are forced onto the road as are skateboarders. And, the piece de resistance, all the grass is dying because of the heat wave.

Blanche, don’t you wonder how politicians such as Montgomery ever got to their cushy jobs? Clearly not by caring about anybody but themselves. Don’t you wonder what world she inhabits?

This summer there is no camp and no school and now – punkt – they decide to put grass on a small piece of asphalt? There are no words created for this stupidity. It can only be that she is saving the  whales, trees, turtles, doves and anchovies.

Long after she is gone, leaving everyone else to deal with all her mistakes, she will be collecting a nice pension, paid by the people whose lives she made miserable. Triple feh feh feh.

Park Won-soon, the  of South Korea’s capital, who was seen as a potential presidential candidate, was found dead early Friday. He was 64.

It seems he gave his daughter a message yesterday that sounded like a will. It has just been revealed that a ‘sexual assault’ allegation made by his secretary was due to be revealed on television. Uh oh.

Federal officials were so worried Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime confidant Ghislaine Maxwell might take her own life after her arrest that they took away her clothes and sheets and made her wear paper attire while in custody. Seriously, does anyone care what happens to her?

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a New York prosecutor can obtain Trump’s financial records but prevented – at least for now – Democratic-led House of Representatives committees from getting similar documents.

However, the Donald is not worried because the ruling does not mean the documents will be handed over immediately. It is very likely that there will be further litigation in lower courts, which means a final outcome could be delayed in both cases until after the Nov. 3 election in which Trump is seeking a second term in office. Move on Blanche. Nothing to see here right now.

Remember in Justin’s latest scandal,  WE charity,  we said follow the money? Well dearies, we found the money. At least some of it.

It appears Justin’s mother Margaret and his bro Alexandre have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from the WE organization. Go know.  This of course, contradicts an earlier claim by the organization that no member of the Trudeau family had been paid for their work. Oops.

WE paid $312,000 to Margaret Trudeau for 28 speaking engagements since 2016. The organization also paid $40,000 for eight appearances to Trudeau’s bother.

In response to a question asking why Trudeau had never revealed the monies paid to his relatives or corrected WE’s statement claiming they had never received payment, the prime minister’s office said that he wasn’t involved in his family members’ business. Tell it to the marines.

Here’s a headline: Justin is involved with this organization, who was going to control almost $1 billion of your hard-earned money up to his pretty little eyeballs.

We’re not done with the scandal yet, but as we all know, if he can slither out of painting his face black more times than he can count and then ‘take a knee’ in solidarity with black people, nothing is beyond him.

Ever since the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell girlfriend of the late Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, one of the Queen’s delightful sons, has been laying low. How low you ask? So low that he’s more lost than last year’s easter eggs.

Andrew is involved in a war of words with the US authorities over whether he will assist their inquiries into the crimes of his ‘friend’ who he is trying ever so hard to distance himself from – Jeffrey Epstein. We are betting the Queen is not amused and Andrew will eventually have to ‘fess up’.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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