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Take a Safe Vacation and Come Home in a Seat Rather Than the Cargo Section

There were a few people who were not happy with our last post, when we called out Oprah Winfrey for looking like the saviour for all the little girls when she gave her speech at the Golden Globe awards. As with many liberals, when they don’t like what is said, they take their toys and go home. One such person unsubscribed from this blog.

Sorry to say Oprah’s speech reminded us way, way to much of Hillary Clinton’s concession speech…And to all of the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.

We will remind everyone how Hilary destroyed the women in who were brave enough to come forward after her darling husband Bill couldn’t keep his pants on. Monica Lewinsky’s life was ruined because of Hillary.

Our intent was to explain that Oprah is obviously a mentor to many women. It cannot be, that over the many years of Weinstein’s abuse, not one young woman came to her with some kind of tale about Weinstein. That she stood on stage and preached to little girls to have hope…sorry, she dropped the ball somewhere along the way. (We invite everyone to check out James Woods who posted three pictures of Oprah with Harvey Weinstein. This is a case where a picture is truly worth a thousand words.)

There is no doubt that Winfrey is a self-made person. She came from extreme poverty and abuse to rise to the heights of stardom and wealth. No one can, nor should take anything away from her tenacity and strength. What stinks here is the forum, timing and kind of speech she made. Now? After all those women came forward?

Lest some people forget, we will remind you that she’s an actress who won an academy award and as such, is able to give the kind of emotional speech she did. Running for president is something she does not need, nor probably does not want in her life.

Perhaps she would do well to start an organization to help not only the women who were abused, but help those who knew and cowardly didn’t have the guts to stop the abusers.

We are sure that by now everyone has heard about how Trudeau and his group of left of left liberals are totally screwing up the NAFTA talks. Our foreign affairs minister, Chyrystia Freeland didn’t go into those negotiations with much hope. “We tried our best and prepared for the worst.” That instills confidence. Not.

So what’s the problem? Bleeding heart liberals my dear. Trudeau insisted on injecting social issues into the mix: climate change, gender equity, LGBTQ issues, indigenous issues.

Can we talk? Trudeau is again, way, way over his head. When going into negotiations, you better know your opponent. Trump is a pragmatic businessman. For sure he’s not interested in climate change which is a pile of you-know-what. LGBTQ issues? He’s looking for jobs for Americans. He’s not interested talking about cushy, feel-good things.

Trudeau should stick to buying fancy socks and taking selfies and leave the real stuff to people who can handle it, of which there are precious few in this government.

Megyn Kelly is one of those blonde talking heads – a political pundit, or so she would like to be thought of. Unfortunately it appears that she has air between her ears.

It seems that while in university she was gaining weight, a fate, to her, worse than death. In order to stay rake-thin, she had her step-father fat-shame her. Can we talk?

Is this the be-all and end-all? Is this what women want to be remembered for? That she stayed skinny, had blonde hair and wore tight clothes on television?

All of this came to light when she interviewed another genius, an uber-fit mother who posted a picture of herself online with the caption “What’s your excuse?” Kelly should be looking for another line of work if that’s all she can deal with on her show. At some point, people need substance.

Valerie Plante’s honeymoon is over with Montrealers. That was quick, eh Blanche? After promising not to raise taxes more than the inflation rate, she raised taxes more than the inflation rate. Why are people surprised?

People will sell their mother to win an election. She didn’t sell her mother or children, but promised the sun, moon and stars. Unfortunately, she can’t deliver.

Her arrogant comment didn’t help her situation either: “It’s hard for citizens to look at the big picture because it’s a lot of numbers.” You’re kidding, right?

It appears that something in the chair Denis Coderre sat on has seeped into Plante’s body. That, or she’s sitting on her brain and that’s why she’s sounding like Coderre.

Here’s a travel tip: Stay away from Mexico. It’s not safe. In fact it’s a very dangerous place. There’s a reason it’s cheap. Shall we elaborate?

At least two Mexican resorts — Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo (home of club med) and Acapulco — are in a do-not-travel state. Last year, the State Department extended a total ban on personal travel by U.S. government personnel there.

Spend a bit more money and go somewhere else. At least you’ll come home in a seat rather than in the cargo section.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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