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The Blanche Report: Helicopters, Open Doors & Corruption

The senate scandal is slowly turning into Canada’s version of Watergate and we all know the outcome of that scandal. Harper keeps changing his story and backtracking on what he said. The key to this complicated story is Nigel Wright, Harper’s ex chief of staff. If he starts singing and says that Harper knew about the $90,000 check given to Duffy, which Harper said he didn’t, you may yet get to see another leader leave in a helicopter. Only this time he won’t be giving a peace sign, rather another more poignant finger. Denis Cordere, up until about 3 hours ago the front runner in the Montreal mayoral campaign, is, as we speak, screaming into a paper bag.

Robert Zambito (ex union Montreal, ex Gerald Tremblay dude), a council candidate for Coderre’s team in St. Leonard  is dropping out of the race because, as he had informed Coderre this afternoon, he is the subject of allegations of wrongdoing stemming from a land deal in 2010. It was suggested that Zambito offered money to a fellow councillor to obtain a reduction in price for a piece of city-owned land.

Same old, same old. Melanie Joly is going to have a field day with this one. She hinted to this in her recent ads on the radio and punkt! her wish came true. We wonder what will they do with those who voted for Zambito in the Sunday pre-election? Anyone’s guess given the shenanigans of the old guard.

We have been waiting for this door to open and zut alors, someone finally put the key in the lock. The door is now very slightly ajar.

A current sitting Parti Quebecois cabinet minister’s name unexpectedly came up today in a wiretapped conversation as the Charbonneau Commission hearing ties between the mafia and the FTQ, Quebec’s largest labor union. 

During one of the conversations, the head of the FTQ’s construction wing, Jocelyn Dupuis, is overheard saying he wants to speak specifically with Elaine Zakaib, a current PQ minister, about getting funding for a project. The company seeking the funding, the Mafia-linked firm Carboneutre, was trying to get $2 million from the FTQ’s investment fund. Zakaib was a senior executive at the FTQ fund at the time.

Did princess pauline know this was coming and that’s why she didn’t call an election? One thing is for sure. The PQ is just as involved as everyone else who had their hand in your pocket. It was only a matter of time before someone delivered the goods. 

Why would Houshang Nazemi, an Iranian, change his name to Antony Piazza? Who knows – maybe he likes spagetti.

On Sunday morning Piazza tried to board a flight to Los Angeles carrying a suitcase filled with components for making an explosive device, though it did not contain actual explosive material. He is claiming that someone gave him the suitcase to carry. In 1985, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for drug trafficking. Right now he’s in prison waiting to for a bail hearing. If convicted, he could repeat his sentence and spend yet another 10 years behind bars.

We kept this piece for last as we felt if you read it first you would want to throw something at your computer. Now all you have to do is shut it down.

Today Israel is releasing 26 Palestinian prisoners. These are not shoplifters. They are murderers. The official spokesperson for the Israeli government said that the decision to let these men go was painful, but they feel that releasing them will help the ‘peace’ process. It will not. It will foment further aggression against Israel.

In case you were wondering who some of these prisoners are we will enlighten you:

Kassem Hazem Shabir murdered Holocaust survivor Yitzhak Rotenberg Hy”d. At age 67, as he was fixing a floor in Petach Tikva, Hazem and another terrorist attacked him from behind with axe blows to the back of his head. He died two days later. Hazem’s accomplice was released in the previous batch of terror prisoners. Rotenberg was survived by his wife and son.

Alabed Hilmi Amawi murdered Yigal Vaknin Hy”d, 22, in 1993, just before the Yom Kippur fast. Vaknin’s body was found in an orchard near Moshav Basra, where he lived and worked. He was survived by his parents and eight brothers and sisters.

Massoud Amar murdered Ian Feinberg Hy”d, 30, a lawyer involved with economic development in Gaza. In 1993, he was conducting a business meeting in Gaza when terrorists burst into the room and told the other Arabs there to leave. They murdered Feinberg with axe blows and gunshots. He was survived by his wife and three children.

The towns where these murderers come from are waiting to greet their ‘heroes’.

Only G-d can save Israel from itself now. The leadership in Israel is bankrupt.  Pandering to murderers does not garner respect. It shows pathetic weakness. The only thing that we in the diaspora can do is pray for those who live on the frontline in Israel.

Notre Montreal!

We’ll talk…

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