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The Blanche Report: Looks Like We Live in the Wizard of Oz

Where exactly is Al Gore, Mr. Global Warming himself? Wouldn’t you say it’s about enough cold weather? And don’t start with the ‘climate change’ business. It’s a crock. The only climate change taking place this winter is that it’s really winter.

The polar vortex has been replaced with the polar plunge. That means that if you thought it was cold last week, ya ain’t seen nothin yet. Blanche go git those cows and bring em inside. Otherwise dere milk’s gonna turn ta ice cream. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

The Liberal leader in this province, Phillipe Couillard is not a stupid man – he’s actually a brain surgeon. So we cannot figure out what happened to his own brain.

He just won a seat in the National Assembly by running in Outremont, a relatively safe seat for Liberals. Now he has decided to run in Lac St. Jean – a staunch PQ riding.

Can we talk? He is doing everything possible to shoot himself in the foot. Why not run in a riding that will get you elected? As the so-called leader of his party, he will have to help out other candidates running in the next election. How exactly is he going to do that if he has to concentrate all his effort to getting himself elected?

It appears that he has surrounded himself with incompetents. Either that, or they are working undercover for princess pauline.

You know that Charbonneau commission on the corruption in this city’s construction industry and lots of other ‘industries’ like government? Well, they issued their first little interim, 28 page report today. Guess what? The report said they need to write a report. We hope you are not shocked by this.

Their little report said they don’t want to report before they have all the facts. Dawling – Madame Charbonneau is slowly but surely securing her retirement from this commission. It is to her distinct advantage to keep it going as long as possible. So don’t look for anything concrete for a long, long, long time.

Blanche – go git the barf bag. Today it came out that in December management at Bixi paid themselves and all their employees bonuses in December, just weeks before they were forced to file for bankruptcy protection because it could not pay debts nearing $50 million. Most of their debts are owed to the city of Montreal, which covered their loans. The management said it was a standard operating procedure.

Standard operating procedure when they knew they owed the city $50 million????? And they say this with a straight face? 

Someone better start investigating the dudes at Bixi. Yet another company that has its hands in your wallet. Gross, dizguzting and they should all go to jail.

Aside from the daily terrorist threats to the Sochi olympics, it seems they are not nearly ready for the games to begin. It appears that the place still looks like one big construction site. Now – ready for what the site manager said about this: “Even if it’s not finished, the snow will cover it.”  Not much else to say, eh?

Super Bowl Sunday is rapidly approaching. Here are some facts to chew on:

There will be 1.23 billion chicken wings eaten. Dat’s a lotta chickens Blanche. Nine out of ten people watch the super bowl at home. About 11 million pizzas will be delivered. One third of US adults bet on the super bowl. 11.2 million pounds of potato chips will be consumed. 8 million pounds of avocado will be mashed for guacamole. The super bowl is the 10 most watched programs in the history of TV. Lotsa people will be needing toothpicks after they chomp on 3.8 million pounds of popcorn. 51.7 million cases of beer will be consumed. Burp. 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips will be going along with the guacamole.

We’ll talk…

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