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The Blanche Report: The Coup, The Vacation & The Flag

The calm before the storm is about to take on a whole new meaning. We are referring to the events that continue to unfold, at a very rapid rate, in Egypt. Although the muslim brotherhood’s leader is now under house arrest, its ranks decimated and many more arrests taking place as we speak, no one believes for a second that the bro’s are going to just give up. The thinking is that right after their Friday prayers things will be hitting the fan in a very big way.

Given the fact army that has the country pretty well sealed up, it could be a pretty violent day tomorrow. The new dudes in charge don’t look like they will tolerate very much in terms of resistance.

Another angle in this drama concerns Obama. It was noted that he was ‘troubled by Morsi’s removal’. He did not call what happened yesterday a coup because that would mean that the $1.3 billion dollars in US aid to Egypt would have to be ‘revisited’. Did you know that the US gave so much money to Egypt to prop up the muslim brotherhood?

And finally, we think that the ambassador to Egypt, a woman by the name of Anne Patterson should re-think her travel plans. She was sent there 4 months after Morsi – the now-under-house-arrest leader of the muslim bro’s took power. Those now in charge view her as an ally of Morsi. She’s very vulnerable. We would remind her of another ambassador who was vulnerable by the name of Christopher Stevens who was killed in Benghazi last September 11.

So what’s up with Hydro? Forest fires hundreds of miles away are causing power outages in Montreal? Here’s what a spokesman from Hydro said today: “Once again, the smoke from the forest fires up north that have made us lose one of the transmission corridors coming from James Bay. That’s despite all that we have done over the last little while to protect the network.” Uh oh, we smell a rat.

Do we need another commission to investigate possible corruption, collusion, kick-backs, envelopes passing hands, restaurant meetings etc? Looks like it. What a crock.

Edward Snowden has become the most elusive celebrity of the month. Where is he? In the transit area in the Moscow airport? In a capsule hotel in said airport where rooms are rented by the hour? Did he find an underground escape route? Did he dress up as a woman and high tail it out of there? One thing is certain – his options to flee to another country are running out. And it looks like he may have overstayed his welcome in Russia. He’s in big twouble Blanche. Now here’s something innovative – talking! Ferrari issued a directive to its employees to cut down the number of group emails they send and talk to their co-workers instead. Look someone in the eye and have a conversation. Bravo! We think that CNN has finally outdone themselves. On their website there is a litany of articles about Egypt. That’s fine because right now it’s hot news. What is ridiculous is the following article: Should tourists still visit Egypt? Have they lost their marbles? Who in their right mind would vacation in Cairo now? Even reporters are laying low. Someone has to save CNN from themselves.

Today was July 4 – Independence day in the United States of America. We happened to have been in New York crossing the George Washington bridge and there, hanging in all its splendid glory, was the biggest American flag we have ever seen, billowing slowly in the hot, humid air. Our neighbors to the south definitely have their issues, but they also have one thing that we could perhaps take a lesson from  – the fierce sense of patriotism that they display with great pride.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

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