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The Blanche Report: The Escape, The Mouth and The Plane

Breaking News: It seems that Edward Snowden has left his new home in the transit area of the Moscow airport and is en route to Bolivia. In case you were wondering – or not – here’s the partial list of countries that Snowden has applied to for asylum: Brazil, China, Cuba, Ecuador, France, Iceland, India, Italy and Nicaragua. Nothing is certain in here unless we actually see a picture of Snowden getting off a plane.

One more thing: the capital of Bolivia is not La Paz. It is Sucre. More breaking news, this time from Egypt: Although it’s not spring, the Arabs are rising again in Tahrir square. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces  – that would be the army – late on Tuesday (Egypt time)  made clear that it would stick to an ultimatum it gave to Morsi on Monday, urging him to respond  – read step aside – to a wave of mass protests within 48 hours, or face an intervention that would effectively subsume his government. That means a coup.

Update: Morsi said in a speech tonight that he will not resign. Best you not vacation in Egypt for a while. Things are going to heat up – quickly. Michelle Obama put her first lady foot into her first lady mouth. During a discussion with former First Lady Laura Bush at the African First Ladies Summit in Tanzania she said, and we quote: “… living in the White House as like being in a “really nice prison.””

While we can certainly empathize that her privacy is gone for now,  saying that living in the White House is like a nice prison is immature, petulant and certainly nothing that her daughters should be reading.

She lives in luxury, travels the world in a private plane, wears designer clothing, hobnobs with whoever she desires etc, etc. We need not elaborate. Suffice it to say that she sounds like she never rose to the position of first lady. She should read some books about Eleanor Roosevelt and other first ladies who clearly understood that their standing was temporary and rose to the occasion. Shame on her.

The new airplane from Boeing – the Dreamliner should probably be renamed the Nightmare. Let’s start with the plane itself: It has a capacity of up to 290 passengers and an ability to fly up to 8,500 miles (a third of the way around the Earth) on one tank of gas. It is  20 percent more fuel-efficient than any aircraft ever built. Nu, what’s the problem?

In January it was grounded due to battery problems – smoking and other things that you wouldn’t want when flying over the Atlantic. It re-emerged in May and last week there were four ‘incidents’.  One of said issues was a problem with the power supply to the air-conditioning system. Over 100 passengers were delayed over 8 hours and then shuffled off to another plane. The saga goes on, but lest we bore you, suffice it to say Houston – we have a problem. May we humbly suggest that the name is jinxed and they should quietly rename it.

One more little ditty about traveling in the summer. One would think that without snow and ice things would be humming along tickety-boo. Think again. Last week over 400 flights were cancelled or delayed due to weather issues. See the USA in your Chevrolet sounds pretty good. At least you’ll get there.

We’ll talk…

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