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In the crybaby, snowflake, spoiled brat, entitled department we present the infamous bureaucrats working for the federal goverment.

Federal unions are launching legal challenges and encouraging public sector workers to file "tens of thousands" of grievances - read it will take way more time to get your passport renewed - over the new mandate requiring federal workers to return to the office at least three days a week in the fall.

What? They actually have to work?

All public servants in the core public administration are to work on-site a minimum of three days a week starting Sept. 9. All federal executives are expected to be on-site a minimum of four days per week.

Wah, wah, wah. We want to stay home.

Here's a headline peeps: Covid is over. No more masks (unless you support hamas), no more social distancing, no more plastic walls between the desks. Ah, but the unions are now throwing a major temper tantrum. We don't want to work from the office more than 2 days per week.

Now that's not a surprise as who wouldn't rather stay home in their pajamas and answer 1 out of 5 calls than go into an office and actually have to work to earn their salary.

Fire them all and hire people who will a) actually do their work and b) don't behave like houseplants.

In a recent poll, Air Canada was voted one of the worst airlines in North America in business class and premium economy. Not just Canada mind you - all of North America. That peeps, is quite a feat. For the money AC is gouging people, they are not delivering on service.

Wait it got worse. In economy class, Air Canada placed ninth out of 11 peers, beating budget carriers Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines.

You can imagine what Air Canada said - it's not fair. Duh. They said that they have earned high marks for service in other rankings. Have you ever flown Rouge - an arm of AC? Packed in like sardines, your knees in your chin, no videos, no room for any normal size overhead baggage? And for that you get to pay a hefty fare.

AC of course threw a hissy-fit saying that in a larger sample group they fared better.

What? Who cares if it's 9000 or 90,000 people polled. If you are doing a lousy job, you are going to get a lousy score.

We will let you in on a secret in case you didn't know: Air Canada is one of the only airlines not flying to Israel until July 1 at the earliest and maybe well after that. Why? They are keeping you 'safe'.

Safe from what you ask? 99% of all other airlines are flying daily into Israel.

We are going out on a limb here but we're pretty sure we are correct. It is the unions who work for AC that don't want to fly to Israel. And those unions are most likely quietly, sneakily, under the table, anti-Semites. There is no other viable reason for their ridiculous decision.

Of all the people lauding Jewish students speaking at a committee in Ottawa, the last one we want to hear from is the liberal mp by the name of Ya'ara Saks - who is Jewish herself.

We will remind you that this woman warmly fondled the hand of Abbas who has Jewish blood all over his hands. She, along with Melanie Joly our esteemed and gnat-brained foreign minister went on a special side trip while in Israel ostensibly to meet him.

Now Saks is lauding the committee saying that Jewish students have the right to be safe in their universities.

This woman should not have a voice anywhere and we don't believe for a second what she is saying.

The first question we thought about when we heard sleepy Joe Biden is going to punish Israel for going into rafah is that he doesn't have the faintest clue where rafah is. How can he when he doesn't even know where he is most of the time.

For the moment, rafah is what is called the last man standing. There are tens of miles of hama's underground city there. Most likely the hostages - whoever is still alive and whoever hamas could find - were moved there.

What exactly is Israel supposed to do? Walk away just before completing the job at hand because the president of the United States - who can't find his way out of a paper bag - told them not to go in?

Picture this scenario: America is attacked with the same percentage of people murdered, raped, taken hostage. America found out Mexico did it and they went in to eliminate those who perpetrated the attack.

They got almost to the end but were ordered to stop because oh, let's say Great Britain said they are creating a humanitarian crisis.

Israel did not create the humanitarian crisis in gaza. hamas created that - if in fact there is any humanitarian crisis.

Israel dropped the ball by not knowing about the attack on October 7 but you can be very sure they will not drop the ball again. They will do what they must to eradicate hamas from the earth.

Those who belong to hamas are evil. They contribute nothing to the world. If going into rafah, will rid the world of that cancer, so be it.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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thank you, once again, for an excellent column and commentary on what is happening here and in israel, and u r right about sleepy joe,

it behoves me to understand why a country with over 360 million people elected this old man who is completely asleep at the wheel,

how dare he tell us what to do, when it comes to defense,

i also believe we, as jews, have not done nearly enough to make the anti semites in this world aware of oct, 7, in my opinion, every day, every day, in the UN meetings, video flashes of what happened to the kibbutz, the music festival, the tunnels that were built, should be displayed,

we have hillel neur who…

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