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The Michelle Brouhaha

Instead of honoring the Auschwitz survivors, Obama decided to go to Saudi Arabia to pay respects to the brutal, repressive King Abdullah, who presided over the Shariah regime in that country. One thing we can say, Obama is consistent about his treatment of the Jewish people, which includes definite visuals.

There’s a big brouhaha about Michelle. She went with her husband to Indonesia, which is a muslim country requiring women to cover their hair, which she did. She then went with him to Saudi Arabia, also a muslim country and refused to cover her hair.

We have a question: Why did she go with Obama at all to Saudi Arabia? She obviously went angry. How about this scenario: She should have gone to honor the Auschwitz survivors and let her beloved go kiss the king’s you-know-what in Saudi Arabia.

And speaking about muslims, there’s an imam in Montreal who wants to open an islamic center. Problem is, he’s a radical imam, preaching that women can’t be independent, democracy is incompatible with Islam, music must be forbidden, and he’s criticized the World Cup for clothing players wear. He’s also the imam of the  jihadist Martin Couture Rouleau. He’s the one who ran down and murdered one of two soldiers.

Iran is encouraging its terror allies to pursue the assassination of Netanyahu’s children by publishing personal information about them, including photographs of the kids. According to an article entitled ‘The File of the Zionist Children’, Netanyahu’s children are acceptable targets for assassination due to their affiliation with top Israeli leaders. The article contains detailed biographies and pictures of Netanyahu’s children, Avner and Yair. Similar profiles of Olmert’s son, Shaul, and Sharon’s children, Gilad and Omri. In case you didn’t know, one of Netanyahu’s sons is now in the army.

Now here’s something that could bring out the barf bag. Remember Obama just stated that he’s going to tax the rich 1% to save the 99% poor people (that would be us). Well, we found a place where he can start. The top 20 colleges in fund-raising brought in more than $10 billion. That means that 28.6 percent of the total was given to fewer than 2 percent of schools.

Here’s a small breakdown fer ya: Harvard wins the prize with $1.16 billion in donations. Stanford was second, with about $930 million. Last year’s total university donations topped $37.5 billion. Why you ask? So the rich can stay rich. Obama will never win this one. Hey wait a minute, didn’t he go to Harvard?

This Sunday is the super bowl. The Green Bay Packers will be playing against the Seattle Seahawks. Here are some useless facts: …Cheapest seat in the nosebleed section: $800 (no kleenex provided) …Most expensive seat: $13,888 …The average ticket will be about $5,000 …The 2014 game attracted a record 111.5 million television viewers. That’s about one person per 63 people on the planet. …Ads are going for $4.5 million for a 30-second spot. That’s $150,000 per second. …The game will be broadcast in 180 countries. …Next year’s super bowl game is in San Fransisco.

Good Shabbos,

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