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The Mother-of-all-Scandals…Wait, There’s Another One Waiting in the Wings

US Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar will not be allowed to enter Israel due to their vocal support of the BDS movement and outright, unadulterated anti-semitism.

You may need to bring out the long lost barf bag for this next sentence: Democrats had privately warned Israel that such a decision would be unprecedented and inconsistent with their claims of tolerance and openness.

Seriously? Israel has to open their arms, be tolerant and accept no less than elected US congresswomen who want Israel and the Jews buried somewhere in the ocean? Exactly what kind of tolerance would be shown, oh say to Blanche, if she said that all black and brown people were not wanted in North America? We’ll tell you. Zero tolerance. We would be tarred and feathered and run out of town.

The flip side of this story is that there are some who say that these two women should have been allowed into the country because by barring them, they become martyrs. We disagree with that. Why should Israel give these women a forum? To show that they are tolerant of racists?

Let Tlaib and Omar become martyrs of the Democratic Party. They all deserve each other. Not only that, it is going to make things much more difficult for centrist Democrats running for President to now take a stand on socialism if these two babes are put on a pedestal.

The scathing report against Justin Trudeau released yesterday by the ethics commission was truthful but we feel the timing could have been better, say coming out in mid-October. People seem to have short memories.

Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion found Justin Trudeau violated the Conflict of Interest Act by trying to influence then-justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould and get her to overrule a decision to not grant a deferred prosecution agreement to SNC-Lavalin.

…The authority of the prime minister and his office was used to circumvent, undermine and ultimately attempt to discredit the decision of the director of public prosecutions as well as the authority of Ms. Wilson‑Raybould as the Crown’s chief law officer.

The real scandal here, as said by one journalist, is that Trudeau tried to pretend and dupe Canadians that it was not a scandal. It was and is a scandal and two women lost high-paying, high-powered jobs because they dared to stand up to him.

The other scandal that will come out in September has to do with Vice Admiral Norman. According to all accounts, that scandal is way worse than SNC Lavalin.

And finally, as per the National Post’s column on this, and we will quote directly:

…Conflict of interest is the least of the concerns raised by this affair. There is a strong whiff, rather, of abuse of power and, possibly, obstruction of justice.

Sunny ways has now morphed into looming dark clouds.

The death of Jeffrey Epstein is becoming yet another massive scandal. The list of inconsistencies in accounts given by guards and others in the prison is jaw-dropping.

Let’s start with this one: The cameras malfunctioned — there is no video. Wait. Someone else said that the cameras showed the guards did not do rounds? Which is it? The cameras were working or they were not working?

The prison guards “forgot” to check on Epstein. The prison guards slept through their shift. The prison guards did not check on Epstein for several hours.

If someone is trying to get the script all on one page, they picked the wrong dudes to do so. Either the guards are mind-numbingly stupid or the people perpetrating the cover-up have the IQ of a pea.

In case you were wondering why young black men have no role models, here’s a story that will help you figure it out.

Proudly, very proudly mind you, Mike Tyson says that he and his friends smoke, ready for this – $40,000 worth of cannabis every month.

Tyson purchased a 40-acre ranch near Death Valley when the state of California legalized cannabis. He started a pot-growing business at the time and now supplies California and neighbouring Nevada to the tune of US$500,000. This is what young black men should emulate? We think not.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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