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Today is the 23 day of Elul, the 20th anniversary on the Jewish calendar of 9/11. People who live in Louisiana, specifically New Orleans, must love their city far more than other people love their cities. For the second time in less than 20 years, they have suffered catastrophic damage from the latest hurricane to hit them and in between they have had other really bad hurricanes.

All of the city of New Orleans is without power. The weather is beyond stifling hot. 911 is not working. The water filtration system may fail. They will not have power for about a month. Alligators are swimming around the city. A highway collapsed.

The truth is, the power outage was not supposed to happen. All eight transmission lines bringing power to New Orleans  went out of service at the same time. But, one of two new natural gas power plants built in the city last year, were supposed to help keep the lights on — even during hot summer days and big storms. That didn’t work well, eh Blanche?

Everything failed and as one person said, this is going to require some investigation. No kidding.

Unless the medical profession gets their act together, people are going to stop listening to anything they say. Personally we are done. Thoroughly cooked. Overbaked. Fried to a crisp. 

The latest edict is that the vaccine doesn’t protect people from hospitalization as much as they thought. Who’s ‘they’? In this case, the infamous CDC – Center for Disease Control.

Yes, doctors are learning new things about the virus all the time. But. The flip flop of information on a daily basis is diminishing – greatly – their credibility and making people distrust what they hear as they know the information will change in a couple of days. What’s the point of listening?

Ergo, unless something really out of the ordinary happens, we’re done with this topic.

Whoever Justin was trying to appease by opening the land border for Americans to come to Canada has turned on him. Yesterday the US  issued a level 3 travel advisory for Americans thinking of coming to Canada. That means find another place for your vacation.

By the way,  level 4 is the highest level – do not travel. Does Justin even know this is happening?

And clearly Justin doesn’t have a handle on Afghanistan as he sent out Marc Garneau, our less than useless foreign affairs minister to speak to the media. Garneau is another one of Justin’s people chosen for his fame and name and nothing else.

In an interview yesterday, Garneau admitted that the Canadian government was not prepared or ready to take out the people who helped our soldiers in Afghanistan. Oh well. We made a mistake and now we’re moving on. Next.

Oh really? What about the thousands of people over there who are now marked by the taliban? They can’t just move on.  A bit of compassion would be nice as well as some kind of plan to help people traverse the overland route.  Seriously disgusting.

We apolgize for focusing on Justin, but he says the most inane, absurd things.

Today he promised – get this – $4.5 billion over five years for mental health as well as promising $500 million over fours years to increase access to mental health on university and college campuses. Can we talk?

Seriously, does anyone believe one word of what he says? We have not done the math, but our guess is that he has promised trillions of dollars during this campaign. That on top of the trillions he spent during covid. Who’s paying for all of this?

You heard this one? The Liberal Party has given Ontario candidate Raj Saini the green light to seek re-election for his third term as an MP despite a series of allegations of inappropriate behaviour toward young female staffers that spanned his six years in office.

Seven sources with knowledge of the claims described four different cases where Saini allegedly made unwanted sexual advances or inappropriate comments. Saini said he has never acted inappropriately toward staff. Right.

One woman, maybe two can be questionable. But six? Justin, our alleged feminist prime minister is turning a blind eye to this. Can you say hypocrite?

We’re not sure who is advising Biden but we’re guessing that they don’t get out much. Today he said that the exit of Afghanistan was a success. Perhaps in his office it was a success. It certainly was not successful for the 13 American soldiers who died.

Nor was it successful for the hundreds, perhaps thousands of people who helped Americans and were left behind. Imagine that 2500 soldiers were keeping the peace there?

Did you know that there are 131,462 in Southeast Asia? Last we looked the Korean war ended in 1953. Then there are 40,000 soldiers around Germany where that war ended in 1945.

They had to get out of Afghanistan now so they could make a big splash on 9/11, this year being the 20th anniversary. Nauseating.

And finally, we read the an article called Inside the Underground Railroad about private people in the US who worked day and night to get women out of Afghanistan. Yes, the United States got thousands of people out. But they also left thousands of people who believed that the allies – the US, Canada, Great Britain and France – would save them if something happened. They literally bet their lives on this and lost the bet.

In that vein, we don’t usually add a link to our blog, but this one is well worth the read. It is heart-wrenching, infuriating and will open your eyes to what the media doesn’t want you to know. It’s not an outright link. You need to paste it into your browser.

We’ll talk…

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