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You may not like what this piece is going to say. Alas, the truth often is difficult to swallow.

The actual name for affirmative action, which politicians tried hard not to say, is quotas. As such, if you were a member of the right race or ethnic group, you were given advantages that were denied to others — and in doing so, basic civil rights were withdrawn from others.

And that's called quotas - allowing certain numbers of people into your university, while banning others based on the color of your skin.

'Affirmative action', in terms of race, meant that Caucasians were cheated. 'Affirmative action', in terms of ethnicity, meant Asians were cheated. 'Affirmative action', in terms of religion meant Jews were cheated. Truth be told, Jews have been cheated for over 2000 years, but we won't go into that now. Jews learned to fend for themselves long ago.

This next part may startle you, but you'll come to your senses shortly:

The Supreme Court opinion in Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President and Fellows of Harvard College showed the following based on real time numbers:

During the 10 years between 2009–2018, every single year Harvard took in a class it was 10–12 percent Black, 8–12 percent Hispanic, and 17–20 percent Asian American. What a coincidence.

We ask you - what are the odds that every year, for 10 consecutive years, the percentages of student admissions would fall on racial and ethnic lines in such identical proportions? Intelligence, work ethic and marks meant nothing.

The kicker? After 45 years of advantaged quotas for black Americans, instead of demonstrated gain and achievement, there is a new demand is for hundreds of millions — even billions of dollars — in racial “reparations.” Quotas in their favor did nothing to better their lot.

Affirmative action was and is a crock of manure. The old adage if you want to help a poor person you don't give them a fish, you give them a fishing rod and teach them how to fish for themselves is perfect here.

If black leaders wanted to better the lives of black people, giving them handouts for almost half a century has done nothing to better their situation. In fact, it has made it worse. No one ever gave them a chance to fish for themselves.

At long last the quebec government has woken up and realized that having cemetery workers on strike for over 6 months, resulting in well over 400 bodies on ice isn't a good visual. Taber wit.

If both the employer and the unions involved in cemetery strike agree, Quebec's erstwhile Labour Minister Jean Boulet will appoint an arbitrator to settle the dispute. And if they don't agree? What's he going to do then?

Our guess is that the strikers will not agree. Watch as Boulet forces them back to work with legislation. Maybe the US papers picked up this insanity and the czar legault is getting embarrassed. Who knows?

One thing we can tell you. It's going to take a very, very long time to bury all those people. Quebec sais faire.

Some of the really bad decisions made during covid are going to haunt people for a very long time. We speak of children whose schools were closed, in some places for 2 years.

And in case you were wondering who is suffering the most, your first guess will be correct. Black children.

A recent study found that achievement gains lagged across races, but minority students’ progress suffered the most. Here ya go:

Black students had the most sluggish gains in math and were about on par with Hispanic students for reading progress, although black students started at a lower point for both subjects.

White students’ progress in both subjects dropped close to the national average, while Asian students slowed down the least and remained well above the national average.

The study ended with the following recommendation:

While schools are taking steps in the right direction, the reality is that the depth and breadth of the crisis demands an even more comprehensive, intensive, and sustainable approach if we are to truly mitigate the long-lasting impacts of the pandemic on students.

So thank you to all the democratic states - New York, California, Mass, Vermont etc who made sure to keep the students 'safe' probably for about 18 months longer than they had to.

In the end, they used the backs of kids to save their own skin - afraid to say that closing the schools was a fundamentally wrong decision and then just opening them. Gross.

Someone should put the quebec liberal party out of its misery. Take the keys, lock their doors and throw them away. They need to disappear or implode and start over again.

At 4% of the french vote, they have well passed the embarrassing stage. They are at the pathetic stage and who wants to be pitied?

Anglos in quebec have no voice and no one to speak for them in the national assembly. Stop pretending that the liberals are helping. They are not. The czar legault is free to do was he pleases when he wants.

Yet another gong show.

We're on a Justin watch to see who he'll sing with at the NATO conference.

Or what scandal will emerge from this trip.

Take your pick.

We are less than impressed with the new Threads app. In fact, we deleted it. A boring version of Instagram.

Although 100 million people have now signed up for it, we are learning that a) those numbers are most likely not real and b) there's no shortage of, shall we say, people who like to mindlessly play with their phones.

There's certainly no shortage of catty men and women out there. We are referring to those who called Ron DeSantis's wife Casey - America's Karen.

In case you don't know what America's Karen is, we will enlighten you. It is a nasty term used for a middle-class white woman who exhibits entitled, demanding, and often confrontational behaviour.

Given that, she is also going to present a liability to her husband if she doesn't change her attitude.

Ron DeSantis is about 30 points behind Trump. One of the reasons is that he is not connecting to the people. And why can't that be fixed? Because his wife Casey is and always has been by far his most important adviser and she is hesitant to cede that space to nearly anybody else.

The DeSantis inner circle is too small and remains so, they say, not only because he inherently doesn’t trust people, but because his wife Casey doesn’t either. They need an impartial person in there to change things.

As for calling her America's Karen - that's pure jealousy. She's pretty, has great hair, is slim and dresses well. That will bring out every fang south of Florida.

DeSantis needs to be humanized and if his wife is unable to get through to him or allow him to change, then she needs to go. That's not an American Karen. That's a controlling wife. Neither of which bode well for him.

We'll talk...

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