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The World is Upside Down

Israel was pounded all day with incoming missiles, as per the red alerts on our phone. As of Thursday night Israeli time, Israel has gone into Gaza on the ground. They really had no choice if they are to ferret out the arabs shooting missiles at Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Sederot, many other places deep in Israel and earlier today, the Golan Heights. Israelis living close to the gaza border were ordered to stay in their shelters tonight.

It was reported that arabs were storing their missiles in a united nations school. Why are we not surprised.

No matter what anyone says about Israelis, the IDF is by far the most humane army in the world. Before going in on the ground, they dropped close to 100,000 leaflets warning people in gaza to leave their homes. As well, hundreds of thousands of citizens from all over Gaza received recorded phone messages warning them to vacate villages. No one else does this. Of course those living in gaza have no where to go as their ‘brethren’ from surrounding countries are not exactly welcoming them with open arms.

In more news about Israel, we read that Obama is urging Israel to be more ‘humanitarian’ with the arabs. Has anyone heard Obama tell those firing missiles into Israel day and night to be more humanitarian? One minute. Do the arabs send leaflets before firing their missiles? No they don’t. Obama always backs the wrong horse. Always.

Who shot down that Malaysian airline with 295 people aboard with a surface to air missile? In an eerie posting on social media, which was quickly taken down, Igor Strelkov, the commander of the pro-Russian Donetsk People’s Republic, appeared to have boasted about the incident. He allegedly wrote: “We warned you not to fly over our sky.”

Air traffic controllers confirmed the plane was flying in open airspace, about 1,000 feet (300 metres) above a restricted zone.

“It raises questions about why the plane was in an area it had been advised not to fly through,” a spokesman questioned. “Did it stray into that area by accident or did the pilot decide it was a risk worth taking, perhaps as a fuel saving measure?” Or, as we could not help think, perhaps the pilot sabotaged his own plane. We may never find out.

Malaysian airlines is still reeling from the missing jet that went down somewhere in the world near the Indian ocean and has yet to be found. Let’s just say that even if the seat were  free, there’s not a chance we would go near that airline.

Mike Duffy, Canada’s most beleaguered senator, is in deep dog doodoo and there’s a good chance he’s going to take many people into that doodoo with him. Two days ago a woman from Peru came forward to say that she was his daughter. Hallo. Yes, her mother was some kind of drug mule and Mike Duffy is listed on her birth certificate as her father. Of course she didn’t do it for the money…right. Tell it to the marines. If she did, she’s barking up the wrong tree as Duffy was charged today with no less than 31 charges including bribery which comes with a prison term if convicted. His money will now be going toward his defense.

Duffy of course claims he is innocent. No matter what, Harper looks bad here, having chosen quite a few ‘winners’ for senate positions. Duffy is an astute, old-time reporter. We bet he has some juicy tidbits about the inner-workings of the Harper government. Stay tuned. This is going to be the mother-of-all soap operas.

So are you noticing the summer polar vortex? It’s pretty chilly outside. If you’re planning to go south or to the midwest for your vacation, bring a warm jacket. From the midwest to the south the temperatures are more like autumn than summer. The days won’t be too bad, but at night it’s going down to the high 40’s.

Remember Tiger Woods? Yes Blanche, he’s still playing golf. Well today he played in the British open and lost it. Seems he was getting ready to swing at a ball and many people were taking pictures. He stopped his swing, turned to the crowd, swore at whoever could hear him and kept going. Seems he still needs some anger management classes.

Summer is supposed to be slow for news items. Not so this year. One thing we can tell you, now that the world is focused on the Malaysian plane crash, no one will be looking at Israel for a few days. We hope they go in and do what they have too without the eyes of the world scrutinizing them.

Good Shabbos

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